Faith, Hope, Love Handcrafted Wood Pen

Faith, Hope, Love Handcrafted Wood Pen

$ 89.00

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We had this pen designed for our Bourbon & Boots customers wishing to express their faith, share their hope, and spread love to all with a love pen.  This is a beautiful, yet high quality faith,hope, love ballpoint pen that is finished in Antique Brass Hardware that makes a great gift for pastors or simply keep for yourself to exhibit your christian faith. 

"Faith" "Hope" and "Love" are intricately cast into the center band and the pen top features attractive cross designs. The Cross on the tips and clips are reference to the Fleur-de-lis. In the Middle Ages the symbols of lily and Fleur-de-lis overlapped considerably in Christian religious art. The three petals of the heraldic design reflect a widespread association with the Holy Trinity. Here we are using the three to symbolize the virtues of Faith, Hope and Love. The braided rope detail reinforces the concept of trinity, with a braided rope being made from three separate stands into something much stronger.

The Faith, Hope, Love pen features smooth writing performance with a Parker style ballpoint refill. 

The barrel of the Faith, Hope, Love pen is handcrafted from Paduak Wood, an exotic wood found in the dense equatorial rain forests. Fitting for a pen celebrating faith, Paduak Wood is associated with King Solomon, proverbial for his wisdom in governing the Israelites during the 10th century B.C.  Solomon chose Padauk for the pillars of his temple.

When turned on a lathe the wood produces an orange-crimson look with a base of reddish tones with the grain clearly visible. The wood on the Faith, Hope, Love Pen is truly stunning. 

Beyond a valuable daily reminder for people of faith,  this love pen also is a great gift for pastors, gifts for christians, or gifts for preachers. 


  • Faith, Hope, Love Pen
  • Antique Brass Christian Faith Pen
  • Love Pen Operator:  Twist
  • Love Pen Type:  Ballpoint
  • Love Pen Barrel Wood: Paduak
  • Item Ships in "Bourbon & Boots" Gift Box
  • Gifts for Pastors, Gifts for Christians, Gifts for Preachers
  • Handcrafted in USA 


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