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Fleur De Lis Reclaimed Bourbon Barrel Hoop Head

Fleur De Lis Reclaimed Bourbon Barrel Hoop Head

$ 119.00

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The fleur de lis (flower of the lily) is an enduring symbol used to represent sporting teams, scouting, the military and many religious organizations. Originally designated to denote the three main classes of French social classes —those who worked, those who fought, and those who prayed.

Celebrating this symbol we have placed it atop a reclaimed bourbon barrel hoop head. Bourbon is a uniquely American product, every reclaimed barrel head possesses a unique character. Char on the back, milling marks and the natural beauty of white oak add character and authenticity; just like the uniqueness of the bourbon that once aged within. The reclaimed heads are sanded adding a back panel for support.

  • Size: 21” in Dia. 
  • Mount: Slotted Back Panel 
  • Frame: Reclaimed Steel Hoop 
  • Made: In Kentucky


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