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Florida Infinity State Scarf - Royal & Orange

Florida Infinity State Scarf - Royal & Orange

$ 24.00

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"The Swamp" is a nickname coined by Heisman Trophy Winner and National Championship Florida Head Coach Steve Spurrier in the early 1990s to describe the Florida Gators home stadium. In describing Florida's home-field advantage, Spurrier noted that "a swamp is where Gators live, where we feel comfortable, but we our opponents feel tentative. A swamp is hot and sticky and is dangerous. Only Gators get out alive." It helps that the playing surface is actually constructed below ground level giving the feeling that one is stepping "down into a swamp" when the stadium is entered. The nickname quickly became popular and has been commonly used ever since.

In their second year under Coach McElwain expectations are high in Gainesville for a great season. It's only 2 weeks away from kickoff, time to start thinking about game day.

Scarves are amazing, simply because you can wear them all seasons of the year! Grab this fun-printed scarf, pair it off with a simple top, and BAM—you’re stylin’! A hot trend is to be showcased while wearing this fabulous infinity state scarf.