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Low Country Boil Tub

Low Country Boil Tub

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The Low Country is a geographic and cultural region along South Carolina's coast, including the Sea Islands of Georgia.   Once known for its slave based agricultural wealth in rice and indigo that flourished in the hot subtropical climate, the Low Country today is known for its historic cities and communities, natural beauty, cultural heritage, and tourism industry. In addition to grits and she crab soup, low country boil is a staple of the coastal diet.

Each galvanized tub provides a refined yet durable way to serve up a low country boil, crawfish boil or your oyster roast. These tubs are perfectly sized for serving a family gathering. Each galvanized steel tub comes with pine inserts that are designed to allow the broth and juices to drip below and give easy access to your delicious masterpiece.

  •  Not intended for cooking food - only serving
  • Dimensions: 3.75' Height: 12.25" Top Diameter: 9.75"


Here are our best tips on how to clean and cook crawfish.  

1. Empty live crawfish into a large tub or sink filled with cold, salted water.

2. Fill up a second sink or tub with cold, salted water as well. Transfer the crawfish back and forth, changing the water out each time, until the water is clear. Use a strainer with a handle so you don’t get pinched.

3. While rinsing the crawfish cull out any dead ones you may find.

4. Make sure crawfish are the last thing you add to your boil (after the corn, sausage and potatoes) before taking it all off the heat.

5. To peel the boiled crawfish, first twist to remove the head, then lift up the center fin on the tail to “clean” it before you shuck it. 

6. Keep many rolls of paper towels handy.

If you are cooking for a large group we recommend a 30-quart turkey fryer. You can pick one up at your local hardware store.

Rinse, rinse, rinse the crawfish in salt water. Throw out the dead ones and make sure they don’t pinch the hell out of you.

Before you toss in the crawfish, boil the andouille sausage, corn on the cob and potatoes.

Slice some lemons and serve it up!




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