Low Country Galvanized Seafood Boil Tub

Low Country Galvanized Seafood Boil Tub

Low Country Galvanized Seafood Boil Tub

$ 49.00

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The Low Country is a geographic and cultural region along South Carolina's coast, including the Sea Islands of Georgia.   Once known for its slave based agricultural wealth in rice and indigo that flourished in the hot subtropical climate, the Low Country today is known for its historic cities and communities, natural beauty, cultural heritage, and tourism industry. In addition to grits and she crab soup, low country boil is a staple of the coastal diet. Coastal lovers also delight on crawfish boils, shrimp boils, seafood boils, and oysters. 

Each galvanized low country boil tub provides a refined yet durable way to serve up a low country boil, crawfish boil, shrimp boil,  or your oyster roast. These seafood boil tubs are perfectly sized for serving a family gathering. Each galvanized steel boil tub comes with pine inserts that are designed to allow the broth and juices to drip below and give easy access to your delicious masterpiece.

  • Galvanized Steel Low Country Boil, Crawfish Boil, or Seafood Boil Tub 
  • Not intended for cooking food - only serving
  • Dual Galvanized Handles 
  • Dimensions:  4" Height: 13" Top Diameter
  • Handcrafted in South Carolina 

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