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Thelma & Louise Handcrafted '66 T-Bird Pewter Wine Stopper

Thelma & Louise Handcrafted '66 T-Bird Pewter Wine Stopper

$ 29.00

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Usually, iconic car scenes involve carefully choreographed high speed chases, but in “Thelma and Louise,” the climactic scene isn’t famous for its technical prowess but for what it represents: the lead character’s refusal to give up. Surrounded by cops at the edge of the Grand Canyon, the pair decide they’d rather die than give themselves up. They “keep going,” as Thelma puts it, driving their ’66 Thunderbird off the edge of the canyon. The movie ends abruptly with the car mid-air. No explosion. No reaction from the police. All that is left is the pair’s defiance and a series of flashbacks as the credits roll.

The Thunderbird was chosen mostly as a matter of practicality. Convertibles are popular for shows and movies because it’s easy to shoot the actors, and while the Thunderbird has the classic cruising aura perfect for a road trip, it also has a back seat, allowing Thelma and Louise to travel with other characters like J.D, the thief.

A total of 5 cars were used in the movie: one “hero” car used for exterior shots, one camera car, two stunt cars and a back-up car. The original cut of the final scene shows the car’s entire plummet, crashing into the Colorado River.

This gorgeous, finely detailed ’66 T­ - Bird Wine Bottle Stopper in heavy pewter is a gorgeous addition to any bar.  Paired with a synthetic rubber cork that will never stain or crack, these bottle stoppers are the perfect gift for your college grad, golfing buddy, or wine­-connoisseur friends. Includes wide­link safety chain.