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Handcrafted Racehorse Pewter Wine Stopper

Handcrafted Racehorse Pewter Wine Stopper

$ 29.00

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I've spent most of my life riding horses. The rest I've just wasted.
~ Anonymous

Hiiii-­Yo Pewter? The Lone Ranger would be proud to have this finely detailed American Quarterhorse Wine Bottle Stopper in his bar at home. Preserve your wine and champagne longer with this unique Quarterhorse Wine Bottle Stopper from Bourbon & Boots. Handcrafted in heavy pewter and paired with a synthetic rubber cork that will never stain or crack, these bottle stoppers are the perfect gift for your college grad, golfing buddy, or wine-connoisseur friends. Includes wide­link safety chain. See our entire collection of Wine Bottle Stoppers today!