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Wood Bullet 24kt Gold Click Pen

Wood Bullet 24kt Gold Click Pen

$ 50.00

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The thrill of the hunt is captured in this exciting Bullet Cartridge 24kt Gold pen that replicates an actual 30 caliber shell. The pen is extremely attractive and features a scope style clip. The 24kt gold plating offers a bright pure shine that gives this pen a rich and luxurious look.

The top barrel is made of Paduak Wood. Paduak Wood is an exotic Tropical West African wood that is bright orange or almost crimson when freshly cut, but oxidizes to a rich purple-brown over time – although it never looses its reddish color. It often grows in small groups in the equatorial rain forest.


  • 24kt Gold Plated
  • 30 Caliber Shape
  • Scope Style Rifle Clip
  • Paduak Wood Upper Barrel