Handmade Civil War Exotic Wood Pen

Handmade Civil War Exotic Wood Pen

Handmade Civil War Exotic Wood Pen

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Own a piece of American History. This Paduak Wood (african mahogany) was inspired from a period when correspondence was an art form and craftsmanship was honored.

The civil war style pens are made from replica bullets used in the War Between the States. The pen clip is a Model 1861 Springfield Rifle Musket replica. The Model 1861 commonly referred to as the “Springfield”, was a single-shot, muzzle-loading gun favored for its range, accuracy, and reliability. It fired the 58 caliber Minie’ Ball and had a maximum range of 500 yards. It was the most common firearm used by both Union and Confederate forces. It comes with an authentication card explaining the civil war weaponry depicted.

This pen is full of history, which is why it’s the perfect gift for Civil War enthusiasts, gun aficionados, history buffs, hunters, outdoorsmen and more.

The african mahogany wood pen uses Goncalo Alves as the hardwood (from the Portuguese name). It is more commonly referred to as Zebrawood or Tigerwood – names that underscore the woods often dramatic, contrasting color schemes. Most commonly this wood is found growing in Mexico all the way into Arizona and New Mexico.   



  • Antique Brass Ballpoint Twist Paduak Wood Pen
  • Parker Style Ballpoint Refill
  • Civil War Musket Bullet Pen Design
  • Antique Brass Twist Operator 
  • Springfield Rifle Antique Brass Clip 
  • Item Ships in "Bourbon & Boots" Gift Box
  • Handcrafted in USA