Handmade Exotic African Lizard Leather Fountain Pen

Handmade Exotic African Lizard Leather Fountain Pen

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For many, a pen is an extension of the person holding it. It jots down ideas, scribbles sweet nothings, signs important documents, and brings words to life.

The way a pen writes, the way it feels in the hand, and the way it looks is an art form all it's own. If you are a "Pen Person," you’re in the right place as all of our pens are handcrafted with the highest quality components and most unique woods, skins, and barrels found on the planet. If you are not a "Pen Person," we hope we can change that.  

This exquisite giant lizard leather pen is handmade by an Italian silversmith using the skin of the Nile monitor lizard. The monitor lizard is found throughout much of Africa and is often called the African small-grain lizard. The cap and grip section are made of solid sterling silver with the guilloche incisions, a crafted type of texturing pattern that produces a beautiful translucent pattern.

This pen features a rhodium-plated Medium point nib and utilizes a double-use refilling system where both converter or cartridges can be stored. The pen is delivered with pumping converter inside and a blue ink cartridge. Additional cartridges can be bought in stationary or office supply stores all over the world.

We ship the fountain pen encased in a made-in-Italy pen gift box with the authentic origin certificate.

  • Pen Body: Natural African Lizard Leather
  • Pen Cap: Sterling Silver (925)
  • Refilling system: Converter or International standard cartridges
  • Country Origin: Aosta Valley, Italy
  • Dimensions: Length 140 mm Diameter Max 16 mm
  • Weight: 2 Ounces


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