Handmade Horseshoe Oyster Knife

Handmade Horseshoe Oyster Knife

Handmade Horseshoe Oyster Knife

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With fall season comes many outdoor activities, and one of the favorites for Oyster lovers is Oyster shucking and a Oyster roast that starts with shucking (opening) a fresh catch. Nothing screams fall like the smell of fresh caught oysters steamed on a bed of your favorite hardwood. If you are one of the millions that absolutely love fresh oysters, you know the value of a good oyster knife and oyster shucker.

Oyster knives were first found in the U.S. in the 1700’s hand forged and honed by blacksmiths. Since Oysters are bivalves with the two shells held together by a strong muscle, they can be a challenge to open. No two oysters are alike, so would-be inventors have never designed a machine to replace the efficiency of human hands with a finely honed shucking knife. A great Oyster knife is robust in strength to give the shucker the leverage they need to pry the precious meat from the shell.

Using reclaimed Steel Horseshoes, this amazing steel blade oyster knife has been heat tempered to ensure lasting quality, a clear lacquer and thin coat of vegetable oil is applied to prevent rusting of the horseshoe.

To ensure a lifetime of use of the oyster knife, wash them thoroughly before and after use, and apply a thin coat of vegetable oil prior to storage.

  • Material: Reclaimed Steel Horseshoe Oyster Knife 
  • Size: 8” Length with 3” Blade on Oyster Knife 
  • Hand Made In North Carolina


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