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Handmade Small Batch Reclaimed Wood Winemaking System

Handmade Small Batch Reclaimed Wood Winemaking System

$ 239.00

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In a time when take home pay has not increased in years, millions of Americans are turning to Do-It-Yourself projects and specifically, home brewing of spirits. In response to overwhelming requests Bourbon & Boots has sourced this authentic handmade made small batch (one gallon) winemaking system. Unlike the bulky plastic tinker toy kits made in China these handmade glass and reclaimed wood system give you everything you need for the brewing process in classic style using 100% wood and glass construction. Each home brew system celebrates the rustic roots of home-brewing and since they are 100% handmade not one is exactly the same.

Handcrafted from rustic pine, this compact and clever design measures just 14” x 25” and gives you all the basics to brew one gallon of tasty beer (about 10 bottles). Included are a set of four sampler glasses and coaster to share your different concoctions with friends and family. A full set of home brew instructions is included.


The Handmade Home Winemaking System includes:

    • Wooden Base Handcrafted from Rustic Pine
    • Five 750ml Cobalt Wine Bottles (Corks Included)
    • 1-Gallon Glass Fermenter with Crystal Thermometer
    • 5 Ounce Sampler Glasses (4) with Removable Coasters
    • Plastic Racking Cane
    • 3” Stainless Steel Funnel
    • 3-piece Plastic Airlock
    • Distilled Rubber Stopper
    • Laboratory Thermometer
    • Mini Corker
    • 3’ Length of 5/16” Tubing Clamp to Syphon & Bottle Your Beer
    • Recipe Book with 25 Variations
    • Brewer’s Log
    • Full Set of Winemaking Instructions
    • 5 Wine Making Recipe Packs Available: