Horseshoe Bottle Opener

Horseshoe Bottle Opener

$ 17.00

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Cowboys, Cowgirls, and Horse Lovers.  Our team is continually seeking out the most unique and useful items for your home and bar.  The latest addition to our growing barware collection is this hand-forged bottle opener, crafted from reclaimed horseshoe steel.  Each bottle opener is hand-forged and a perfect gift for the equestrian lover in your life.

Why are horseshoes considered lucky?

Originally made from iron, a material believed to ward off evil, and held in place by seven nails, horseshoes became a symbol for good luck in medieval times.  Legend holds that before he became the Archbishop of Canterbury, a blacksmith named Dunstan tricked the Devil and shoed one of his hoofs, causing him great pain.  A deal was struck; Dustan would remove the shoe if the Devil promised not to enter homes with a horseshoe nailed to the door.  While not many know the legend of Saint Dunstan, we are all familiar with horseshoe luck.  Hang it pointing upwards to catch luck and blessings, or hang it pointing down to pour good luck on those entering the household.