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Jesus Y'all Christian Jewelry Necklace

Jesus Y'all Christian Jewelry Necklace

$ 39.00

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Have you seen those Y'all need Jesus shirts?  We designed this Jesus piece necklace for those who want to celebrate their faith with christian jewelry.  This amazing Jesus religious scripted necklace puts your celebration out in plain view.   This unique christian necklace is a rare piece and unlike much of the other Jesus crucifix necklaces commonly seen. 

We are sure you will find this Jesus piece necklace and chain unlike any other Christian jewelry you have ever owned.  It is a unique faith necklace and a even more rare Jesus necklace. 

Match the Jesus piece necklace with our Y'all Need Jesus Shirt and you will have a you pairing that shows your faith to all you engage. 

  • Pendant: 1.5"L x .75"T Scripted Jesus Necklace 
  • Available in plated white or yellow gold Jesus Necklace
  • Clasp: secure sterling spring ring clasp 
  • Cable Chain Length: 18.5", adjustable to shorter size 

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