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Handmade Jim Beam Bourbon Barrel Wooden Pen

Handmade Jim Beam Bourbon Barrel Wooden Pen

$ 79.00

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Crafted from a gorgeous chunk of a Jim Beam® American Oak bourbon barrel stave— the Oak barrel wood looks amazing and features an extremely smooth twist mechanism, Parker™ style ballpoint refill and gold plated accents and clip. This handmade bourbon barrel wood pen features a Stylus tip for the tech-savvy.

Not only will your stylus pen be a one of a kind keepsake, this Jim Beam bourbon barrel pen is perfect for everything from enjoying your morning crossword puzzle to working the night away on your tablet.

In constructing the handmade bourbon barrel wooden pens, the wood is paired with a beautiful gold nib, clip and accents to truly complete this work of art. This pen is smooth and slender — its rounded styling allows it to rest snugly in your hand with minimal pressure from your fingers and features an extremely smooth twist mechanism.


  • Handcrafted Bourbon Barrel Wooden Pen
  • Stylus Tip 
  • Twist Mechanism Operates Jim Beam Bourbon Pen 
  • Item Ships in "Bourbon & Boots" Burlap Bag
  • Handmade Jim Beam Wooden Pen Made in USA 



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