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Madison College Town Stainless Steel Framed Street Map

Madison College Town Stainless Steel Framed Street Map

$ 30.00

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Big cities certainly have their place in our culture, but there is something magical and mystical about America’s college towns. College Towns are so uniquely personal and mean so much more to our society than just memories of the time we spent at school, the student populations, the Saturday games, or the party atmosphere. Many of them have anchored thriving regional economies and fostered an intellectual culture that make them perfect long-term contributors to the growth of a state. There are 100’s of amazing College Towns coast-to-coast with vibrant art scenes, top-notch restaurants, charming eccentricities, historic sights, and gorgeous scenery.

Celebrate your own personal recollections of your college town with the Bourbon & Boots College Town Collection. We have sourced these amazing 5 x 7” stainless steel laser cut downtown squares of over 70 of the most iconic college towns in the country. The stainless steel maps are made with impeccable detail and come framed in a black wooden free standing or wall-mount frame.