Map Of Kentucky, 1795

Map Of Kentucky, 1795

Map Of Kentucky, 1795

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Paper and Unstretched Canvas:

Your favorite state is a work of art, and thisåÊMap of Kentucky by Matthew Carey, 1975 proves it.

These maps are offered on Paper and Canvas.


The Digital Prints are high-resolution, high-quality reproductions individually printed on special large format printers. These beautiful digital reproductions are virtually unparalleled in quality and range of color, and are at the leading edge of fine art printmaking. The archival 12 color pigment ink has a color permanence rating in excess of 100 years (when properly cared for, and displayed in acceptable lighting).


This is a rolled (unstretched) giclee on canvas. They ship these items rolled with ample borders to easily allow stretching. The canvas product is printed on high quality artist grade canvas. This 350 gsm, acid-free, archival canvas has a tight, natural weave which maximizes image quality.

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