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My Dog Winks At Me Wood Decor

My Dog Winks At Me Wood Decor

$ 30.00

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At some point, haven’t we all wished we could talk with our dog?  Sometimes just a wink will have to do, though, won't it?  This cute 14” x 6” sign says more about the owner than the dog, and will look great hanging in a bar or game room.

All the signs in our collection are made of ½ inch mdf, a wood building material which is smooth, without knots and makes for a much nicer finished sign.

Each sign is cut to shape and painted with acrylic paint and sanded. The design is then added, each individually and each is a little different. A final top coat of a catalyzed varnish is applied and the sign is ready to go. Key-hole slots are cut in the back for hanging on a nail or screw. The sign slides onto the nail or screw and fits flat against the wall.


  • Size: 14x6 in.


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