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Reclaimed Wine Barrel Wood Serving Tray

Reclaimed Wine Barrel Wood Serving Tray

$ 119.00

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This Beautiful Vintage Wood Serving Tray is made from an old and very rare reclaimed Remy-Martin Brandy French Oak Barrel Lid (Head). Each lid from the Napa Valley features unique age and patina gained over time with years of use. The rustic serpentine steel handles are handmade from black iron. The wine barrel wood serving tray is covered in a durable satin finish to protect it for generations of use and memories.  This isn't your typical wood serving tray, as the reclaimed wine barrel makes this vintage tray a perfect gift for wine lover. 

  • Source: Napa Valley French Oak Brandy Barrel
  • Wine Barrel Wood Serving Tray 
  • Dimensions: 26"l x 14"w x 3”t
  • Weight: 2 Lbs. 
  • Handmade: In USA


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