Old Vine Grapevine Pepper Grinder

Old Vine Grapevine Pepper Grinder

$ 105.00

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Looking for a special treat for your wine lover foodie? Look no further, this unique pepper grinder is hand made out of historic 100 year-old grapevines. Attached with an old fashion mechanical grinder it is a functional kitchen accessory that is sure to remind of California Wine Country each time it is used.                  

These grape vines were making wine during prohibition and were sold as "grape juice" from San Francisco to San Diego. Truly a part of California history. After over a century of producing quality wine, each vine was dug up by hand and moved them to the shop to cure for up to 2 years. They are kiln dried to insure there are no bugs and to get the moisture content just right before turned into this delightful shape.



  • Dimensions: 9" tall x 3" dia.
  • Handmade from 100 year-old grapevines
  • Includes (1) pepper grinder
  • Each grinder will vary color and texture


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