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Gainesville Alligator Pewter Wine Stopper

Gainesville Alligator Pewter Wine Stopper

$ 38.00

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An intricately detailed Alligator bust tops this pure pewter Alligator Bottle Stopper. The alligator figure was inspired by the American Alligators often seen basking in shallow waters and sunny roadsides in the southern states of America. Actually shy creatures, alligators are found only in the United States and China. Historians believe they may have been the inspiration for the dragons in myth and legend around the world.

The bottle stopper is finished with a rubber gasket to ensure the best storage for your carefully curated collection of spirits. Designed to work well with most bottles, the uniqueness of each stopper allows you to express your style as bar keep and entertainer.


  • Pewter finish
  • Size: 1.25"W x 4"T
  • Bottle Stopper