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Reclaimed Barnwood Kitchen Herb Garden Planter

Reclaimed Barnwood Kitchen Herb Garden Planter

$ 89.00

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This amazing hand-crafted vertical herb garden is perfect for the cook that wants farm to table fresh herbs available for each meal. Using reclaimed chestnut barnwood, mason jars, and copper hardware this wall mounted indoor garden is great way to grow herbs, succulents, or flowers without the commitment of a full garden and with the convenience of being in your kitchen. It is a clever addition to any kitchen to grow fresh, organic herbs to incorporate into cooking. The masons jar easily unscrew from the copper wall mount for painless accessibility to herbs or plants ensuring you won't have to worry about making a mess when tending to your herb garden.

Created with reclaimed barnwood, stained with a chestnut finish, each 24oz mason jar planter is affixed with painted copper fittings. Includes keyhole fastener on the back side for easy hanging.   Just choose your favorite herbs, add some soil and you are a few weeks away from constantly grown fresh herbs in your kitchen.


  • Size: 27” x 8” x 4"
  • Reclaimed Chestnut Barnwood
  • Ball Mason Jars Included


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Reclaimed Barnwood Kitchen Herb Garden Planter