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Reclaimed Napa Valley Wine Barrel Wooden Lazy Susan

Reclaimed Napa Valley Wine Barrel Wooden Lazy Susan

$ 149.00

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This beautiful Reclaimed Wine Barrel Wooden Lazy Susan is handmade from a reclaimed wine barrel top that has been repurposed from a vineyard in Napa Valley. At one time, these barrel tops sealed the American oak vessel used to age and ferment a fine California wine. Now, they receive new life as a handsome, repurposed piece of home décor bound to make wine lovers and rustic homeowners dizzy with delight. They are a piece of Americana and make a rare and unique centerpiece for a dining table, kitchen island, or coffee table.

The Sonoma County wine barrels are reclaimed, the barrel top removed, lightly sanded, and sealed before being affixed to a rotating turn table. Each wooden wine barrel lazy susan is distinguished by the original cooperage stamp applied during the making of the wine barrel. This is a marking from the cooper, the barrel maker that provides interesting information about the provenance of the barrel. These distinctive stamps provide the authenticity that separates this rare piece from the cheaper reproductions found in the market.

The wooden wine barrel lazy susan top is coated in polyurethane to protect it from water or stain damage and the bottom of the Barrel top is reinforced to ensure no splitting of the wood. The reclaimed wine barrel top is fixed to a steel ball bearing rotating base that is rated for up to 700 pounds.

This functional furnishing is sure to be a conversation piece that allows you to easily share food, condiments, wine or anything else you may choose for your kitchen guests.

  • Size: 24” Dia. x 2” Hgt.
  • Materials: Reclaimed Oak Wine Barrel Top, Turn Table
  • Reclaimed Wine Barrel Wooden Lazy Susan
  • Material Source: Napa Valley, Handmade in USA


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