Reclaimed Whiskey Barrel USA Wall Decor

Reclaimed Whiskey Barrel USA Wall Decor

$ 185.00

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“After every matter arranged, we left the banks of the St. Charles with cheers from the crowd…into unknown civilization…”

—Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, May 21, 1804


Modern Americans have called it the ‘ultimate camping trip,’ as the grand exploration by Lewis and Clark helped complete the mapping of our country. The fruits of their travels live in our unique map of the United States, handcrafted individually from reclaimed whiskey barrel staves.  We call this map "The Patriot" as it celebrates our country through its unique character of grains. 

You can clearly see the charred patterns when the virgin oak barrel was burned in preparation to receive the clear alcohol. Each map is singularly marked with the natural imprint of the wood, lightly sanded and sealed to preserve the remnants of the barrel wood’s past life, the aging of fine whiskey.  Barrel stave map comes equipped with mounting hardware for easy display.

  • Size: 17.5”L x 10.5”W x 1”
  • Handmade from Reclaimed Whiskey Barrel