Reclaimed Wine Barrel IPad/Tablet Holder

Reclaimed Wine Barrel IPad/Tablet Holder

$ 75.00

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A truly unique item, this handcrafted iPad/Tablet holder is made out of retired wine barrels and hoops. It is a stunning piece where the redness of the burgundy can clearly be seen stained into the oak staves. It is perfect for viewing your favorite recipes on your iPad, Tablet, or even a traditional cookbook.  

Handcrafted from reclaimed oak wine barrel staves from California’s Napa Valley wineries, the oak stave supports are connected by the original wine barrel metal ring. Felt pads have been applied to the bottom of the so the wood doesn’t scratch the counter or table. 


  • Approximately 14 1/2” x 9" x 11"
  • Handmade from Reclaimed Oak Wine Barrel Staves




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