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Reclaimed Wine Barrel Salad & Serving Bowl with Utensils

Reclaimed Wine Barrel Salad & Serving Bowl with Utensils

$ 199.00

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This large salad bowl and utensils are handmade from newly retired oak wine barrels. This unique and rare serving piece is perfect for salads, fruits, flowers or used as a table centerpiece. After the oak barrel is finished with its purpose of aging the wine, the barrel is retrieved from the vineyard and the staves disassembled. The deep red stains from years of absorption of the wine into the oak wood fiber are clearly visible and provides the character of the bowl. After cleaning, light sanding, and sealing, the bands of the wine barrel are reassembled with the original barrel bands and have a final FDA food grade sealer applied. The original “bung hole” of the barrel is preserved and used as a handle for the bowl.

  • Size is 16” x 24”
  • Reclaimed Wine Barrel
  • Comes with wine barrel salad utensils
  • Handmade Near Watkins Glen, NY