Southern Style Fine Art Telescoping Umbrellas

Southern Style Fine Art Telescoping Umbrellas

$ 39.00

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Dance your way through the streets in rain or shine beneath these festive art telescoping umbrellas. These amazing fine art influenced umbrellas bring art to life through the practicality of an umbrella. 

Umbrellas first appeared over 3,000 years ago in Egypt as Parasols, originally created to protect nobility from the damaging sunlight upon their pale skin. From there they traversed to China, the Roman Empire, the Greeks, and Europe. 

Originally, the male population looked at umbrellas as a feminine product and they chose the protection of the hat and coat. Over time as styles became varied they became a unisex product and today are a wonderful way to express individualism. Each umbrella is manual opening, has a telescoping handle, and measures 42” in canopy. It ships with a protective sleeve and is lightweight enough to stash in your handbag, tote, suitcase, or car.

  • Size: 42” Canopy
  • Style: Fleur De Lis or Red Floral

Made in Texas


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