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Tennessee Infinity State Scarf - Orange & White

Tennessee Infinity State Scarf - Orange & White

$ 24.00

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Go Vols!

Smokey is the mascot of the University of Tennessee sports teams. These teams, named "The Volunteers" and nicknamed "the Vols", use both a live and a costumed version of Smokey. There is an actual Bluetick Coonhound mascot, Smokey X, who leads the Vols on the field for football games.

In 1953, the University of Tennessee Pep Club held a contest to select a coonhound, a breed native to Tennessee, to serve as the school's live mascot. Announcements of the contest in local newspapers read, "This can't be an ordinary hound. He must be a 'Houn' Dog' in the best sense of the word."
The late Rev. W.C. "Bill" Brooks entered his prize-winning bluetick coonhound, "Brooks' Blue Smokey," in the school's contest. At halftime of the Mississippi State game that season, several dogs were lined up on the old cheerleaders' ramp at Shields-Watkins Field for voting. Each dog was introduced over the loudspeaker, and the student body cheered for their favorite. "Blue Smokey" was the last hound introduced. When his name was called, he barked. The students cheered and Smokey threw his head back and howled again. This kept going until the stadium was in an uproar, and the University had found its mascot.

Scarves are amazing, simply because you can wear them all seasons of the year! Grab this fun-printed scarf, pair it off with a simple top, and BAM—you’re stylin’! A hot trend is to be showcased while wearing this fabulous infinity state scarf.


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