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Tennessee Whiskey Bourbon Barrel Fountain & Calligraphy Pen

Tennessee Whiskey Bourbon Barrel Fountain & Calligraphy Pen

$ 72.00

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Recently called the "comeback kid" of writing instruments the popularity of the fountain pen has seen a sharp rise in demand over the past few years. Before the fountain pen began to be widely used in the late 1800s, writing was mainly done at a desk with a steel nib pen that constantly had to be dipped into an inkwell. The fountain pen, which was designed to carry its own ink supply, brought greater convenience and portability to the writing process. Sales of fountain pens surged during World War I as soldiers purchased the pens to use in writing letters from the battlefields. Interest waned with the introduction of the roller ball pen but in the past few years writers and designers have returned to the elegance of script only produced by a a fountain pen. 

Crafted from a gorgeous chunk of reclaimed Jack Daniels® White Oak whisky barrel stave—the Oak barrel wood looks amazing—featuring your choice of either the extremely smooth rollerball cartridge or medium fountain pen nib with gunmetal accents. The magnetic cap posts securely at both ends for easy writing and storage. Its rounded styling allows the pen to rest snugly in your hand with minimal pressure from your fingers.


  • Nib made from Rhodium
  • Standard Fountain Pen Refills 
  • 1 Free Ink Cartridge Included
  • Handmade from reclaimed Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrel

Note: JACK DANIEL’S is a registered trademark and is not involved in or affiliated with the production or distribution of this product.