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Thelma & Louise Friendship Necklace & Paired Wine Glasses

Thelma & Louise Friendship Necklace & Paired Wine Glasses

$ 69.00

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What better way to celebrate your best friend, who brings out the rebel in you, than with matching wine glasses and friendship necklaces.

Our best value for celebrating a lifelong friendship - matching heart shaped friendship necklaces along with matching etched wine glasses. 

Our handmade Thelma & Louise Friendship Necklaces are perfect for best friends who always have the wind in their hair, and the law hot on their heels. Bundled here with our best-selling, customized Thelma & Louise Wine Glass Set, this is the perfect gift to kick off a girls’ night out with your other half.

Each order contains two heart necklaces, and 2 etched wine glasses - one for Thelma and one for her Louise. The 4.5" tall custom glasses are deep engraved to make a sophisticated gift and provide a generous 17 ounces to hold the grape of your choice. 


  • 18 inch Sterling Silver Chain
  • Brass Engraved Split Heart Necklace
  • Silver Alloy Revolver 
  • Custom Hand-Made by Bourbon & Boots
  • Set includes (1) Thelma & (1) Louise Necklace & a Pair of Engraved Wine Glasses