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Wild Turkey Bourbon Barrel Pen

Wild Turkey Bourbon Barrel Pen

$ 62.00

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Handmade Wild Turkey bourbon barrel pen, these pens were made from the used barrels of Wild Turkey Straight Kentucky Bourbon distilled and aged in Lawrenceburg Kentucky. Each pen has a authentication card that comes with it. Each pen is hand turned and finished to give you a custom long lasting pen, there may be slight variances in color or grain due to wood being a natural product, but that is what makes each pen one of a kind. These pens use cross style refills and can be maintained by occasionally cleaning with a soft cloth, these pens make great gifts or a unique writing utensil. This pen is a sierra style pen.

Our Whiskey barrel pen blanks are made from bourbon barrels once used by the Wild Turkey(R) Distillery. The bourbon whiskey is aged in these barrels for 4 years. The used barrels are salvaged, steel bands removed, staves disassembled and cut into pen blanks and turned on a small lathe to match the pen specifications. Wild Turkey (R) is a registerd trademark and is not involved in or affiliated with the production or distribution of this product.