Authentic Whiskey Barrel Candle Holder - 3 Candles

Authentic Whiskey Barrel Candle Holder - 3 Candles

$ 34.00

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An arched candle votive holder made from an authentic previous used whiskey barrel stave. American white oak, charred on the underside, these came from a well-known Colorado distillery and were also used to craft a whiskey aged beer from a local Craft Brewery. On most staves you can actually see the dark line or a sharp contrast in the wood color indicating the depth the whiskey soaked into the wood during the aging process.

These unique candle holders ship with votive candles, and fits votives up to 2" in diameter. These are each unique so color will vary depending on age of the barrel stave.

  • Size:  3"W x 21"L
  • Ships with 3 candle votives
Please be aware that due to the handmade nature of this product, the item you receive may differ slightly from the one pictured.