Soy Wax Candles

In almost every home, a candle can be found. Candles can be used for a wide variety of reasons. From using candles for emergencies or if you like to burn candles on a regular basis to enjoy the soothing aroma – finding the best candles can be a fun task. If you are looking for new candles, but you are unsure of what to shop for – there are going to be so many different options to choose from.

Let’s start with color. If you are looking for a specific color of candle, then you will be able to find many different options to choose from online. What you need to do is first off determine what color of candle you are looking for. If you are extremely picky, you also can go into a local department store to compare shades just to make sure you get the right one. Or, if you are fine with looking online – there are going to be so many different websites that will have candles.

Here are a few fan favorites that everyone loves because they are so full of color, and they are unique. This is a Chesapeake bay candle that has a really nice natural aroma that is made out of a soy wax blend. This particular set contains two candles that have the approximate burn time of 50 hours apiece. That is a phenomenal deal, and this candle set is under $25 with lemongrass and a eucalyptus scent.


For those long days that are stressful, this is a great aromatherapy scented candle that provides natural stress relief, and it also promotes energy. This candle is made out of essential oils, and it also has a really nice aroma. The wonderful thing about this candle is that you can select many different choices, and this candle also burns for over 60 hours. This is a cozy candle that will create a relaxing ambiance and tranquility, plus this candle also has a money-back guarantee. It is also super affordable – under $25, therefore, it would be the perfect gift for any occasion.

Time to have some fun with this unique honeydew melon scented Mason jar candle. This is a really fun candle that can be a gift, or it can be a wonderful addition to any home. You can also bring this to the office because it will burn approximately 100 hours per candle, and it also has a unique aroma of honeydew melon and a watermelon scent. These are made in the USA, and only cost $12.99.

These are just a few different options to choose from. As you can see – you are able to get solid-colored candles, but you can also get fun candles that have lots of flair and pizzazz. If you are thinking about having a candle party – it can be a wonderful way to get together with all of your friends and share your different styles of candles. If this is something you are thinking about, then you need to obviously make sure that all of your friends know the theme of your party – candles. There are so many different ways to approach this type of party because you can literally host a candle party anywhere. It can be done at a restaurant or if you would like to and the summer on a light note – why not throw a candle party?

The added bonus about any type of party involving candles is that if you plan on having your party outside or parts of it – then you will be able to get citronella candles. This may not seem like a must, but if you have insects, then you will definitely want citronella candles around. You also can have different types of scented candles around if you do not like the smell of citronella candles. You also can have different areas of your party where people can check out different types of candles. You also might consider selling your candles if you have a large collection or if you are hoping to make some money. Everybody loves candles because they are so versatile, and it is such an easy gift for almost anyone. Even men can appreciate a nice candle that has a musky aroma. You can put together gift bags, or you can have special prizes throughout your party for those who attend. You can have tiny candles, or you can get nice big candles with long burn hours. The point here is that you have plenty of options to choose from. If you have children getting ready to head back to school or college – there is nothing wrong with a soothing candle. Or, if you are getting ready to work a rough week in the office – there is nothing better than a candle that has soothing aromatherapeutic qualities that will help your mind at ease. All of the mothers out there will appreciate a nice warm bath along with candles to burn. That is a fantastic way to relax, but it also is a great way to end the day on a much lighter note. You can also surprise a loved one with a romantic dinner involving candles. You should always have a few candles in a drawer just in case the power goes out, or there is some type of emergency.  Candles can also be a way to stay warm in the event that you are living in an area that has severe weather. You should always carry candles in your vehicle as well, but they need to be stored in a safe place away from children, pets, and moisture. You never know when you may need a candle for lighting or if a candle will be necessary for heat. There are specific types of candles to purchase if you are looking for more of a survival candle.  You should always check the ingredients, and the instructions on any candle you purchased are to make sure you have the right style and kind.

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