Steampunk Bolt Action Writing Pens

Steampunk Bolt Action Writing Pens

This type of pen has a very unique style that is from the 19th century. This type of pen looks like it could be out of a Victorian science-fiction era. The pen has a classic old-fashioned look with lots of different types of patterns. It really is a terrific gift, but this type of pen can also be a wonderful way to start a new hobby with all of your friends and family.

Hosting a Writing Party

Most would think this would be a really silly idea, but in fact hosting a writing party is a great way to allow creative minds to collaborate and come together with one big story or it can be a night of short stories. Either way – this is a really great way to enjoy quality time.

In order to get your party started, you will need to first determine your guest list and the location. This can be really easy, because if you have a reasonably sized home with a dining room table – it is going to be ideal. Or, if you are thinking about turning this into a larger celebration – you can always go to a restaurant or a coffee shop. The point is that you will be able to find a good location that is more on the quieter side.

Also, you need to take into consideration the fact that during this party there are going to be moments where it may be quieter for those who want to jot down a few ideas or creative thoughts.

The next part you need to start thinking about is your guest list. Now, this may be hard, because going to a writing party really isn’t something that would sound interesting…right? Well, that is true, but a writing party does not need to be just a boring quiet get together where no one talks, but instead everybody is writing the entire time. The truth of the matter is you can realistically do anything you want. You can have lots of appetizers and drinks, plus have a few steampunk bolt action pens for all of the guests to enjoy.

You can also have a sit down dinner with lots of engaging conversations. Once you have determined all of that – you will be able to put together your guest list.

The fun part is going to be all about what you plan on having for your guests. If it is a smaller more intimate affair, you can always have everyone bring a dish or a beverage of their choice. That can get fun, because you never know what a person will bring and in regards to alcohol – your writing party may end up scoring some really great margaritas. However, if you are looking for more of a catered type of event, then you can always order food or actually host your writing party in a restaurant.

That is going to take a bit more time and money, but it also will make it easier on you when the party is actually going on.

The next part is going to be getting all of your accessories together. The Steampunk Bolt Action Pen with Spalted Tamarind Wood is an excellent pen that has wonderful reviews with free shipping and it also has bolt action to extend the refill. This is a really nice pen to have at your writing party. Also, you can purchase a few of these for your guests to purchase if they are interested.

The Smootherpro Solid Brass Bolt Action Pen is a pen that has a tungsten tactical tip with a stainless steel clip that is made out of solid metal brass. The body of this pen is remarkable and this pen is also under $20. This pen will not make a mess and the refill process is also easy. You simply cannot go wrong with a pen like this!

If you plan on having appetizers and beverages – you also need to think about your dishware. Do you have enough plates and forks? If not, this is the perfect time to find a solution. It is recommended that you go to a party store or a department store like Walmart to find plastic or paper plates and silverware. This is really an easy and quick fix, plus you can also make sure that everything used for serving food and beverages is disposable.

It makes the cleanup that much easier and you don’t need to worry about anyone breaking your stuff. You will be able to relax and enjoy your party.

The day of the party it is a good idea to have a list of items that need to be done if they are not completed already. You should be extremely reasonable with what you can and cannot get done, especially if you are late. These can be stressful situations, but as long as you have something to feed your guests and a reasonable amount of alcohol – everything will be okay. The content of writing at your party can be almost anything. You can have contests about who can write the craziest thing they have ever done in under 500 words. There are so many fun games that you can create with this type of party.

It also is a great way to create a scrapbook. A writing party can turn into a family tradition, even if family members do not particularly enjoy are doing the writing part, the listening to stories and the laughter can be memory building. This type of party can be done in so many different ways with writing. You can even have all of your guests write a short story prior and make the entire party more of a read than a writing party.

This is a really great way to come together as a family or connect better as a community. These types of activities can really inspire people to do different things in regards to creativity and writing about things that are interesting.

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