3 Tech Innovations Worth Looking at

The world is ever-changing due to advances in technology, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. We all know that certain advances can skyrocket us lightyears into the future, such as the invention of the iPhone, and some can become obsolete in a split second. Here are three things going on in the tech world right now you should keep an eye on. They may just change the world.

Climate Change Simulation

Climate change is something that many people choose to ignore, as the results of the damage done to our environment is slow-moving. Fortunately, scientists have now been able to take into account environmental factors and create simulations of what the world would look like under varying climate conditions.

These studies have been years in the making, and the advances in technology that help scientists better predict weather patterns has only strengthened their research. What we see shows us that, under different circumstances, the severe weather we experience today may have been – and may still be – preventable if we take action now. For those that have trouble envisioning the damage done by climate change, one look at these simulations will explain how important understanding this crisis really is. Expect to see more in the near future about these studies and how they can help us predict and protect ourselves from severe weather conditions.

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Self-Driving Vehicles

This is a technology you’re certainly aware of at the moment, but its prominence will continue to rise in the near future. Companies like Tesla have promised us completely self-driving vehicles this year, and we are waiting to see how this technology pans out. When this innovation is perfected and accessible, it will change the way we do so many things. From our cars to public transit to shipping cargo, this technology will undoubtedly lead to new ways of doing business as well as the way we live our lives.

Another change to look out for, when autonomous vehicles are more accessible, are changes in the laws that govern their use and the liability surrounding that. Can one be arrested for drinking and driving if they are not really driving? Stay tuned to find out.

Better Internet Technology

As the years go by, everyone is looking to make the internet faster and more accessible, and the upcoming years will be no exception. After all, a fast and efficient connection is beneficial in almost everything we do. This can make a huge impact in efficiency whether you’re running a business, working on your art, playing video games, or searching for St. Albert real estate online.

While China and the United States both work to improve 5G network connectivity, SpaceX has just sent 58 Starlink satellites into space to continue developing an internet communication system that is available all around the world, including in locations where WiFi access currently does not reach. As time passes, we will surely see more innovative ways like this to get onto the world wide web.

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