Things To Do While Still Social Distancing

There are always those things we say we want to get to when we have time, but somehow we never seem to find the time to really getting around to doing them.

That is OK, because now that we have been in quarantine and social distancing for around 3 months, the new normal has set in, and you have likely already changed a few habits. Hopefully, those are changes for the better.

Here are 4 things that you can be catching up on while you are social distancing:

Catch Up On Movies

You can rent or stream some of those old movies that you missed in the theater and never seemed to make it to television, but suddenly are all over all of the streaming sites. But, do not forget about all the new film releases that you probably still cannot go to the movies to watch. There are a lot that are actually available direct to you right now.

Spend More Quality Time With Your Family

I know that before this, I was so focused on work and then when I was not at work, I was splitting my time between the little bit of exercise I was getting, work around the house, friends, and then my family.

It is sad to say, but because they are around all of the time, I think I was kind of neglecting them in a way. I was thinking that since they were always there, then I was spending time with them. The reality is different.

Now that we are all home all of the time, we are riding bikes together more, going on walks, playing board games, and watching a ton of things that I sometimes wish I never had to. Some of these kids shows are so darn stupid these days. I mean, who wants to watch a show with no one speaking and just grunts, groans, and high pitch noises?

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Exercise More, Or Start Exercising

I think the majority of us either do not exercise at all, or are significantly lacking in the amount of exercise we should be getting.

Guess what? Now there is no excuse for not having the time. You are not meeting clients at the bar, your friends are locked up like you, and your family can really only handle so much of you at this point.

It is time to start running, biking, pick up that jump rope, whatever it is that you would enjoy doing, now is the time to start doing it.

This is the perfect time to develop new habits, and if they are good habits, it is all the better. We all want to look better and live longer, so stop complaining about being bored and tired of watching stupid children’s’ shows and spend 30 minutes making yourself a better person.

Plus, they say that exercise is great for stress relief; we all need a little stress relief these days.

Pick Up A New Hobby

If you are anything like me, I seem to never have time for a hobby, or maybe there just isn’t anything I am really interested in outside of work family and friends, but assuming you actually have a real interest, this is the time to get back into it or start learning more about it.

There are so many things you can be doing. Maybe you enjoy woodworking, fixing up old cars, painting, knitting, whatever it is. The great thing is that most hobbies can be done by yourself in the privacy of your home, so why not kill some time and stress by being productive with one of those hobbies you have always wanted to do or get back into.

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