Choosing the Best Scope for AR 15 under $100 – Any Good Options?

The best scope for AR 15 under $100

1. UTG 3-9X32 – Probably the most cost-efficient scope for your rifle

UTG’s best scope for AR 15 under $100 is less likely to disappoint. Light transmission is literally flawless, mostly because of the tube – one inch – and emerald coating. It also features high-quality turrets and 1/4 MOA per click adjustments.

The turrets are resettable, but they also allow great zero locking. It may look sophisticated and overwhelming at first, but it is pretty intuitive as you get used to it. Furthermore, it brings in some features that you can normally find in higher-end units.


  • Mil-dot reticle – The scope provides excellent aiming performance;
  • Adjustable objective – The high degree of adjustability ensures quality aiming from three yards to infinity;
  • Dual illumination – You get red and green illumination for all kinds of applications, regardless of the weather or lighting conditions;
  • Complete package – The scope comes with a 2″ sunshade, flip-open lens caps and rings that can be detached in seconds;


  • Large field of view – You get great range, but also a good field of view for a better idea;
  • True strength platform – The build is filled with nitrogen and perfectly sealed;
  • Durable – The scope is rainproof, shockproof and fog proof;
  • Eye relief – Eye relief provides superior CQB mission;


  • Heavier than average – At just under 14 ounces, it is heavier than other units in this segment;

Who is it for?

UTG’s scope is suitable for hunters with all levels of experience – from beginners who need a quality scope to experienced users who need a reliable backup to count on. It makes a great choice for hunting and tactical uses.

2. MidTen Riflescope Combo 4-12x50EG – A scope with great features that you normally find in high-end units

MidTen is not the most popular name on the market, but its scopes can definitely stand out in the crowd. This unit is extremely cost-efficient and brings in a few features that you are less likely to find in too many alternatives in this range.

It is available in one design only – matte black finish. In other words, it will not reflect any light, so it will not compromise your hiding spot. It features superior eye relief, and surprisingly for this segment, it comes with unlimited brightness control.


  • Durable design – The scope is shockproof and rainproof so that it can withstand a good beating and most weather conditions;
  • Great light transmission – The unit comes with multiple layers of coating for a high light transmission;
  • Magnification – The magnification ranges between 4x and 12x;
  • Field of view – The 50mm objective diameter ensures an impressive field of view of 10′ to 27′ at 100 yards.


  • Wide field of view – The wide field of view and the tubeless design ensures you are less likely to miss.
  • Great accuracy – The unit is dual illuminated and features more brightness levels, four different types of dots and a green laser sight that can be removed;
  • Highly adjustable – The characteristics of this scope ensures good flexibility to your eyes;
  • Easy mounting – Even a newbie can mount this scope with its built-in rail;


  • Power concerns – Make sure you always have good batteries on yourself;

Who is it for?

This scope is highly recommended for pretty much any kind of outdoor activity. The skill makes the difference after a while – not the brand. Given its solid construction and durability, this model is suitable for both amateurs and experts. Its value for money makes it suitable for those shopping on a budget too.

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