What Are Legal Aid Solicitors?

Legal aid solicitors are lawyers working to defend people who cannot afford professional and legal fees. They receive their compensations from the government’s allocated funds through their law firms. In the UK, you can find various firms that specialize in legal aid services and have a team of experienced solicitors who are adept at guiding clients with clarity and empathy.

The Misconception

The thought that legal aid solicitors are not as good as private lawyers is irrelevant and not true. Solicitors are lawyers who have chosen to work for the less fortunate people and fight for their protection and welfare in terms of family, criminal, or extradition cases. In essence, they are advocates of justice hired by the government to ensure equality and fair disposition of the law and justice.

In the UK, a lot of brilliant lawyers are doing legal aid services to people who need assistance in their asylum claims, immigration matters, and domestic violence. They work hand in hand with the clients, helping them through the process that begins by determining if they qualify for legal aid advice or representation.

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The Many Roles of Legal Aid Solicitors

The legal aid solicitor would conduct a merit test on your specific concern and means test (to evaluate if you have very little or no income).  For those who have the means to pay partially but not all the expenses, the lawyer would further determine the eligibility through gross income test, disposable income test, and disposable capital test. If found that they have the capacity, the clients are required to contribute to the legal aid cost. 

For family matters, your lawyer will ask evidence from you to determine that you or your children are victims of domestic abuse. It covers not only physical abuse but also emotional abuse that causes depression, anxiety, or stress. He will guide you on accomplishing the right forms and submitting necessary pieces of evidence.

When needed, your legal aid solicitor can apply on your behalf to get legal aid. This is for urgent cases that need court representation to ensure your protection as well as your kids’ safety from an abusive partner or member of the family. For the rest of the process, you need to apply in the normal way.

The solicitors whose expertise is in criminal defense laws know how to handle minor to high-profile cases. It is crucial to find legal aid providers with well-experienced solicitors who can defend your innocence and rights at the court or during out-of-court mediation. They know that each case is different from another despite the similarities in nature. Hence, legal aid solicitors would prepare a plan to achieve a favorable resolution. Using their legal knowledge, communication skill, and analytical prowess, they would represent the clients to the best of their abilities to ensure fair justice and protection. 

What Documents are Needed to Get Legal Aid?

For civil cases, including family disputes, your legal aid solicitor will ask you to submit details of why your problem is serious and provide documents that show you do not have the capacity to pay for the legal cost.

Depending on your specific case, the basic requirements you need to submit are the following:

  • gov.UK legal letter as confirmation that you are a domestic abuse victim (or other specific circumstances)
  • recent bank statements that indicate monthly income and withdrawals
  • recent entitlement evidence to any kind of benefits you receive
  • recent payslips (if employed)
  • proofs of mortgage or rent payments


Don’t be afraid to fight for your legal rights and protect yourself against perpetrators. Get in touch with the nearest legal aid provider in your locality to get court representation, legal advice, or mediation services.


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