3 Ways to Make Your Wedding Unforgettable

You’re never going to forget the day of your wedding. That’s a given. As one of the most joyous and life-changing events, you’ll likely ever experience, those memories might as well be cryogenically frozen. That’s how well preserved your mind will keep them.

But what about your guests? Your family? Your friends from work? Your sister-in-law who never seems impressed by anything? How do you… well… impress them enough to make sure they never forget your wedding either?

Here are a few ideas.

Make it a Theme Wedding

White dress. White flowers. White table settings. White everything White, white white = boring, boring, boring! There’s nothing wrong with a traditional wedding, but you know what’s way more memorable than a traditional wedding? A personal one. Personalize your wedding by adding decorations that are in tune with you and your groom’s characteristics. If you’re a colorful couple, opt for wildflowers. If you’re a quirky couple, come up with a unique wedding hashtag and so on!

Being such a big and important day for you, there’s no reason your wedding shouldn’t be a reflection of who you are and the things you love. And the best way to do that is to give your wedding a theme. From Venetian carnivals to zombie movies, whether you go bold and brash or subtle and restrained, adding a coherent theme to your wedding is a great way of leaving a mark everyone is sure to remember.

Hire Unique Entertainment

The best part of any wedding is the reception, where everyone can cut loose, eat some good food, drink some adult beverages, and make awkward, regrettable speeches that are immortalized forever thanks to Uncle Ted’s camcorder. Give your guests something memorable enough to make everyone forget about Ted’s tapes by providing some truly unique live entertainment.

Live bands are old hat and, let’s face it, a DJ is just a guy you pay to make a playlist that you could’ve made yourself. Think outside the box and find something more fun and interesting. I guarantee, no one will ever forget “the chainsaw-juggling unicyclist wedding” or “the hip hop violinist wedding.” Get weird and wacky with it. Or don’t. Either way, something fresh and different always makes an impression.

Pick a Non-traditional Venue

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Non-traditional wedding venues are becoming more and more popular with couples for many of the same reasons themed weddings are. They allow you to express yourself and even pay tribute to aspects of your relationship that hold special significance to you.

Maybe you and your spouse’s first date was at a local theme park. Why not get married in front of the Ferris wheel and take one slow, romantic ride to the top to enjoy the spectacular view as newlyweds? Did you bond over a shared love of science? Hold the wedding in a planetarium and speak your vows under a beautiful, bright, starry sky even if it’s 2 pm on a cloudy winter day. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination and the budget.

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