5 Cuisines that You Should Try Today

There are different ways to enjoy the world’s various cultures. You can purchase and wear clothing that you find on your travels. You can watch international movies or sports from another country.

You can also enjoy food or drinks from different cultures. You might not necessarily like everything that you try, but the more cuisines you sample, the more new favorites you’re likely to find.

Let’s go over a few cuisines you should try. In an era where you have Uber Eats, Grub Hub, DoorDash, and many others, you can have any of these piping hot and on your doorstep within mere minutes.

Street food cuisine


Make sure that your delivery driver follows all traffic laws as they come to drop off your tasty treats. Otherwise, an appointment with a car accident lawyer is in their future.  

Some Americans find Indian food intimidating, but once they try it, they can’t get enough. There are many meat and vegetarian options, so you should find something to satisfy everyone in your family.

You might start with some samosas. These fried pastries full of meat or potatoes and peas make a perfect appetizer. You can continue with some chicken saag, a chicken-and-spinach dish that delivers protein along with leafy green vegetables that are full of fiber.

You might go with lamb vindaloo, a hot and fiery dish with potatoes and succulent lamb pieces. There are also fish and goat entrees.


BBQ is a great American original. What’s so nice about it is that there are many different regional varieties. In some parts of the country, sweet sauce is king. Elsewhere, you can get a mustard-based sauce or a dry rub.

You can get some grilled chicken, a hotlink, or some pulled pork. You can also get all types of delicious side dishes, such as sweet potato pie, french fries, okra, baked beans, or macaroni and cheese.

Many BBQ spots have desserts, so you might opt for some cheesecake or a piece of the pie. You might have to choose between cherry, apple, or blueberry, which is never an easy decision.

Barbecue food


Chinese food is also very tasty, and there are lots of differentoptions depending on which region the restaurant you choose represents. Americanized Chinese food options exist, like wonton soup, crab Rangoon, and General Tso’s chicken. You might also sample the more traditional fare, like eel or other seafood options.

You might go for spicier dishes like Dan Dan noodles. These noodles usually feature ground pork, five-spice powder, and sometimes mustard greens and hoisin sauce. If you go for traditional Szechuan options, you’ll often need lots of water handy since the region boasts some tantalizing yet fiery apps and entrees.  

Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is another favorite across the country, and indeed, around the entire world. You can get it from fast food places like KFC and Church’s, but it’s usually much better if you grab some from a local establishment.

You can sometimes find it with a lighter, flakier batter coating, or you can find some Southern styles that have richer, more flavorful breading. The brining process produces a satisfying crunch, but the meat itself is very juicy. That’s awesome fried chicken’s secret: you want that crunchy exterior but the juicy bird underneath.

You’ll want sides with that too, like black-eyed peas or rice and beans. Rice and beans are particularly nice because you get some fiber with your protein.

Don’t forget the hot sauce. Fried chicken isn’t the same without it.


Italian is some of the best comfort food that you can get. Like BBQ or Chinese food, there are also so many different varieties depending on the region the restaurant you chose represents.

You might start with some crusty bread and simple olive oil. For your main course, you can go with a lamb leg or fish, but you must get some pasta for the table as well.

You can get a classic standby like rigatoni and meatballs, or perhaps some pesto is more your speed. You might go for a Bolognese sauce or a rich cream sauce like you get with alfredo dishes.

Don’t forget the vino. A robust red wine goes best with pasta, and you can order a bottle from Drizzly that should arrive just when the food does.

It’s incredible to live in a time when you can get delivery drivers to bring so many food options right to your door. That might be the pandemic’s only silver lining.

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