7 Benefits of Using Dry Van Trailers for Your Shipping Needs

Freight transportation is one of the effective methods utilized in international and domestic shipping. Dry van shipping involves using trailers that are fully enclosed to offer protection to goods against outside elements. Dry van trailers are made to ferry cargo such as boxed, loose freight, or palletized. They are not temperature-controlled containers like refrigerated ‘reefer’ units or used to carry oversized loads like flatbed trailers. Dry van trailers are also referred to as ‘box trailer’ or ‘dry van trailer.’

Benefits of Using Dry Van Trailers for Your Shipping Needs

The benefits of using dry van shipping containers are:

Protects Cargo From Elements

A dry van is an enclosed shipping container where freight goods are stored. It is four-sided, and this provides superior protection for goods in transit from elements of weather such as wind, rain, and snow. According to Hale Trailer, their dry vans “keep your cargo clean and dry, an ideal choice for shipping items that are sensitive to moisture.” Dry van trailers are vital in protecting freight goods, especially when shipping on long distances that involve driving across highways, through prairies, and over mountains. Mother nature can be destructive to interests during the shipping, and using dry van trailers comes in handy in protecting them.

Dry Van Trailers Protect Goods From Theft

Safety is a vital consideration when choosing a shipping trailer. Dry van trailers offer protection to goods on transit hence low freight claims with insurance companies. When using dry van trailers, cargo is protected using locks that keep thieves away as they are transported to its destination. This type of trailer ensures that your items are not exposed or easily accessible hence offers an advantage over curtain side trailers or flat deck trailers. This type of trailer gives businesses peace of mind as they are guaranteed of essential safety. Are you considering purchasing used dry vans for sale, contact us.

They Have More Robust Floors

Dry van trailers feature stronger floors compared to other types of trailers. This structural advantage allows transporters to use their towing motors to ferry any cargo they want if you want to transport bulky goods that need to be protected from elements and theft hence beneficial.

Dry Van Trailers Are Cheaper

Numerous shipping companies are currently in operation as they do not require extra service or operational permits. Dry van trailers are also very flexible and versatile; hence can be used in handling freight cargo. Because of the massive demand for dry van trailers has ensured that many of them are available in the market at competitive prices. Dry van trailers are relatively cheaper due to the safety of goods from elements and thieves hence more appealing to many shipping companies.

User-Friendly Doors

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Another benefit of using dry van trailers for shipping purposes is their easy to operate doors. Most of the feature swing doors or rollup doors which are easy to operate and use. When shipping your goods, you can quickly unload, load, and secure the trailer thanks to its ease of operations. Using shipping trailers will save you a lot of time and hassle associated with other types of trailers.

Visual Impressions

Using dry van trailers comes with the benefit because it looks good from the exterior, and nobody will know what is being shipped. Visual impressions are vital for businesses that provide consumer goods; hence these trailers come in handy. When compared to other trailers like flatbeds, dry van trailers have an edge. Dry van trailers also have proper interior lighting, which allows you to use it even in poorly lit conditions hence more beneficial than flatbed trailers that are not lit.

They Are Available in Different Sizes

Dry van trailers are available in different sizes. There are straight trailers, 28-feet trailers, and 53-feet trailers. This ensures that businesses can choose their preferred size based on the nature of their loads. This makes this type of trailer more convenient and flexible compared to others like the flatbed types.


Dry van trailers have several benefits compared to other types of trailers that are used in shipping cargo. They protect the luggage from thieves, weather elements, and are generally affordable compared to different types. This makes dry van trailers a standard feature in the shipping industry hence the need to look out for them. The benefits of using dry van trailers are numerous, and they all work for the shipping company and the business.

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