Is riding a motorcycle in the rain really that much more dangerous?

Rain makes it harder for anyone to drive, no matter how comfortable your car and how much heat or air conditioning you have. During rainy days, people seem to forget how to drive, traffic gets slower and everyone gets a sudden urge to get where they were going. And if you are on your own, riding a motorcycle, do these thoughts also occur to you? Do you imagine people getting antsy to get home all around you? How does that impact the way you ride in the rain?

What are some of the reasons that make riding in the rain much more difficult and riskier?

To start off, slippery roads tend to make tires have less traction. Also, even if the rider is wearing a helmet, the fact it does not have a windshield wiper or a defogging mechanism results in decreased vision. And if you don’t have reflective gear or good lights, drivers around you may fail to know that you are there.

Is there anything you can do to ride safer?

If you are an experienced motorcycle rider you may help better these odds since today’s motorcycle tires have a much better grip even in unfavourable conditions and ABS brakes prevent the wheels from locking up. You should also look for a helmet visor with an antifog screen that will stay clear no matter what the weather conditions. Buying a raincoat in a bright colour such as orange or yellow is also a good strategy to keep safe. Likewise, don’t forget to ride defensively, more gently, and with no notion to push every limit.

What is the worst thing you can do while riding in the rain?

If you must ride in the rain, even with all of the above precautions, there is still one thing that can work against you: riding with a constant fear of crashing. If this is what is going through your head while the rain hits you, you will probably feel stiff and be unable to relax while you feel the cold and wet seeping through every inch of your body. You may also be riding in such a way as to protect your motorcycle, swerving around big puddles of water and avoiding areas that look like they are filled with mud.

You may also be noticing the thin, greasy film that seems to seep from deep puddles and, although it may be nothing more than an oil spill from another car it may force you to ride unsteadily and make your ride even riskier. After all, you do not need more than a couple of seconds to lose all stability and start riding out of control.

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The painted lines on the road may also become more slippery and dangerous when wet. If you ride between lanes, you may start noticing this as soon as the first drops of rain hit the road.

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