7 Common Legging Problems and How to Fix Them

Leggings are popular activewear that can be worn when working out in the gym or doing athletic activities. Many women choose to wear these stretchy pants because they are comfortable and offer lower-body support. But since athleisure outfits became a trend, a lot of women have been using their leggings outside of the gym setting and more as all-around pants.

If you love wearing your leggings when running errands, lounging at home, or going to work, you know these pants have their own share of issues. You’re not the only one with legging problems. Many women experience them regardless of the brand or type of leggings, and you’d be surprised that the issues are not related to where to buy cotton leggings.

To ensure you continue enjoying these comfy pants, we’ve listed some of the common concerns many women have with their leggings and tips on how to solve them. Keep reading and see if any of these applies to you.

They Roll Down Easily

Have you ever experienced wearing leggings with waistbands that keep sliding down? Do you spend so much time pulling up your pants? Well, you’re not alone. This is a common dilemma for many people who wear leggings but the solution is fairly simple: pick a high-waisted pair.

High waist leggings stay put and create clean and smooth lines. They are also comfortable to wear for all types of activities whether you are jogging around the block or trying a new yoga pose. When shopping for high waist leggings, make sure to fit them first. They should feel snug but not too tight on your belly. You don’t want them cutting into your torso but the right fit will let them stay in place effortlessly.

They Create Unflattering Marks

Another issue many women encounter when wearing leggings is when the fabric highlights the crotch area so that it resembles a camel toe. The cause of this unflattering outline is wearing ill-fitting leggings. To solve this, consider getting leggings a size larger.

When buying new leggings, select a pair without front-rise seams as it can also contribute to getting a camel toe. Instead, purchase leggings that feature a crotch gusset. This is a diamond-shaped fabric sewn into the crotch area where the seams would usually meet. Crotch gussets can reduce the stress in the area, helping the garment to last longer. They also reduce your chances of having a strange-looking pants crotch.

They Look Like See-Through Pants

Some leggings can appear like they are see-through pants under harsh lighting. To ensure you avoid encountering a similar issue, it’s best to check the leggings before buying them. You can do a light test to see if they look sheer when worn. Stretch or bend the pants and put them against the light to see if the fabric is opaque.

Also, choose leggings in dark colors like black, gray, and navy blue. Make sure they are made with a thicker and heavier fabric, too. Thin and light-colored leggings are more likely to have a see-through effect.

white leggings

They Are Always Too Long

For petite women, finding leggings with the perfect length is a common concern. Some women solve the issue by getting the leggings hemmed and tapered to properly fit. But this can mean additional cost to the price of the stretchy pants. As an alternative, look for leggings that are just seven-eighths long so they are shorter than the standard length. Another option is to find brands that carry leggings in petite sizes.

If you want to adjust the length of your leggings without spending, you can try this hack to shorten leggings without cutting or sewing the hems. While wearing your leggings, slide them up from the ends until they reach your ankle. Then, fold the excess fabric inward, lift it, and pull the new “hem” down for a smoother look.

They Give a Funky Smell

Wearing funky-smelling leggings can make anyone feel embarrassed. One of the reasons for the unpleasant odor can be your sweat. When you perspire, bacteria break down the acids of your sweat—which causes a foul odor. To eliminate the scent from your leggings, make sure to wash your sweat-soaked pants immediately. Cleaning your leggings as soon as you take them off is the best way to get rid of the bacteria.

In case your leggings still have a foul smell after washing them, you can use white vinegar or lemon juice to eliminate the odor. To use white vinegar, add a half cup to the rinse cycle. Place it in the dispenser where you would usually put the fabric softener and the washing machine will automatically release it. On the other hand, the citric acid from lemon juice can help get rid of the bacteria causing the foul scent in your leggings. Get one large lemon, squeeze it, and add juice to the washing machine.

The Color Fades Quickly

If you notice your leggings losing their vibrant hue or your black pair turning into dark gray, then you need to change how you wash them. To preserve colors, make sure to turn the pants inside out before putting them inside the washing machine. It’s also best to air dry your leggings, but if you prefer to use the dryer, use the lowest or no-heat setting.

They Stretch Out Easily

You may have experienced having your favorite pair stretching out and resembling sagging pajamas. This is because most leggings are crafted from fabric blends of cotton, nylon, and spandex. These fabrics can lose their elasticity over time or get snagged in the washing machine. To retain the snug and comfy fit, wash them gently. Use a delicate cycle, cool water, and low spin in the washing machine. You can also put them inside a mesh washing bag if you will mix them with your other laundry load. Doing this protects your leggings from snagging against other clothes or on the inside of the drum of your machine.

Leggings are versatile pieces. You can wear them when working out or attending casual activities. But there are some issues associated with wearing leggings many women encounter. By following the recommended solutions for the common legging problem mentioned above, you can enjoy wearing your favorite pair of leggings for a long time.


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