Add These Wine Bars To Your Paris Bucket List

A few things come to mind when you think of Paris—and the famous Eiffel Tower and Louvre definitely are on top of most people’s lists. While Paris is famous for its iconic landmarks, the City of Light is also known for its wine. Some vintages are even named for the region the grapes are grown in, and the flavor cannot be duplicated anywhere else in the world.

Finding a great bottle of wine is as easy as grabbing a fresh croissant. Instead of sticking to your hotel bar, try the wines offered at these electric cafes. Not only can you find delicious local wines, but you can also take in and experience everything that Paris has to offer just like a local.

Enjoy the Rustic Warmth of Freddy’s

Take a short trip to the Île-de-France, which is a small island in the center of Paris, and you’ll find Freddy’s on Rue de Seine. Not only can you enjoy a glass or bottle from the café’s wine list but you can also relax and enjoy stunning views of the scenic Seine River.

Their wine list isn’t extensive—the café focuses primarily on local growers, but you can find a delicious Corsican Vermentino. On top of this, the café also has a tapas menu that changes with the seasons. So grab a glass and a bite to eat and relax in the rustic atmosphere; wood floors and stone walls give the café a charming and rustic appearance to spend your time in.

Have a Glass at Frenchie Bar à Vins

Located across the street from the famed Frenchie restaurant is the establishment’s lavish war bar. The front door is on Rue du Nil, making the bar an ideal spot to sip wine and people-watch while the time passes. Prices are a little lower at the café than at the restaurant, so budget-conscious travelers can enjoy a taste of Paris without spending a lot of money doing so.

Wines are typically served by the glass instead of a bottle; however, you can sample many of the dishes offered at the restaurant only on smaller plates. So whether you choose a seat at the bar or at a small table, a visit to Frenchie is worth the walk.

Sip and Shop

Tucked away on Rue Meslay is the Adonis Wine café—if you’re unfamiliar with this iconic street, it’s a mecca for shoe and clothing lovers. After a bit, try to take a break from your shopping and enjoy a glass of wine at the upscale café. Plush chairs and an extensive wine list encourage patrons to settle back and relax.

The owners’ origins are reflected in the menu; it features a long list of various outstanding Bordeaux wines. If you can make it to the café on a Friday, you can settle in with a glass of wine and live Jazz. Don’t worry about strolling past Adonis Wine, the name is brightly lit in neon on the café’s front window.

Head to the Pigalle District

The Pigalle District will take you away from the normal touristy spots, but for wine lovers, it’s worth the short trip. When you’re there, head on over to Rue Victor Massé and stop by 228 Liters—the atmosphere is very warm and relaxing, which is exactly what you’d expect to find in a Parisian wine bar.

Choosing just one or two isn’t easy; the wine list is more than a page or two and includes specialties from smaller regions—can’t decide which wine to sample first? Well, don’t worry, the staff is always ready to help offer some suggestions, and the owners often pop in to help guests decide on which glass or two to enjoy.

The kitchen at 228 Liters is just as impressive as the wine selection, and the establishment’s chefs are constantly tweaking the menu to ensure each dish pairs well with the various vintages they have on offer.

Tour France by the Glass

Each region specializes in a specific type of wine—you could spend a month or so traveling the country or simply head over to Rue de Maubeuge to Au Tour du Vin wine bar.

The wine list covers all of France and you can select wines by region or let the staff surprise you with their picks. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, encouraging you to linger over your glass while you enjoy it. Along with the impressive wine list, the wine bar also serves small plates, and you can relax after a long day touring the city or get ready for a fun evening in Paris.

Enjoy Paris One Sip at a Time

Don’t forget that no trip to Paris is truly complete without stopping at one of the city’s fabulous cafes—when you’re in the City of Light you can try a new vintage or enjoy a favorite vintage of your choice.

So, whether it’s a glass during lunch or a bottle at dinner, Paris has a wine café that will make you feel at home.

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