Authors That Every Parent Should Encourage Their Children to Read

Every parent knows how important it is for their children to start reading early but is often puzzled by what authors and books to introduce to them when they have reached the age of reading independently. According to, children tend to lose interest in reading, as they grow older. Here are some suggestions for parents looking for authors that develop a love for reading that will keep their children reading enthusiastically for their entire lifetimes:

Roald Dahl

The standout feature of Dahl’s books is that most usually the story is narrated by a child, which carries extra appeal for your child because it fires his imagination and makes it seem that they are enacting a role in the tale itself. In these stories, the smaller child invariably triumphs overcoming all odds. Riding a Roald Dahl book leaves children with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment and stimulates them to read more.

Kate DiCamillo

Kate DiCamillo is a two-time Newbery Medal winner writes for children of all ages. Her repertoire includes picture books, novels, chapter books, and much to the delight of kids, animals feature in much of her works. As if an animal protagonist was not enough, the characters have a real-life feel to them and win the sympathy of children fast with their tales of woe and hardship. The author’s way of writing makes young readers fully involved and connected to the various characters in the books.

Ruskin Bond

Born to a British migrant to India, Ruskin Bond has delighted readers for over five decades with his simple tales of human relationships intertwined with the ethos and landscape of the majestic Himalayas. Replete with quiet wisdom and unassuming humor, his essays, short stories, and novels manifest a deep love for the people and nature. His works have won critical acclaim around the world and the unstinting love of millions of readers. For a complete Ruskin Bond books list click here.

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Maurice Sendak

The creations of Maurice Sendak are as outstanding for their quality of narration as for their evocative and beautiful illustrations that grip the imagination of young readers. Regardless of whether the story is about a little boy who wants to return home despite having discovered a magical wonderland somewhere else, or a little bear having a cozy breakfast with papa and mama bear, Sendak’s tales weave a lovely world for kids to revel in.

Rita Williams-Garcia

Rita Williams-Garcia is another children’s author who is equally at home writing novels and picture books. Children will fall in love with her larger-than-life characters with voices that reverberate richly straight out of the pages and hold them in thrall list the last page and even thereafter.

Rita Williams-Garcia is the top-rated writer. She writes nine novels for the reader of each age. Her latest novel, Gone Crazy and most famous in Alabama parts of the saga of the Gaither Sisters, who show up in One Crazy Summer and PS Be Eleven. Her novels have been beneficiaries of various awards, including the Coretta Scott King Award, Newbery Honor Book, Junior Library Guild, National Book Award Finalists, and the Scott O’Dell Prize for Historical Fiction. She served on personnel at the Vermont College of Fine Arts Writing for Children MFA Program and she dwells in Queens, New York.


For a parent who is concerned about introducing the right type of reading material to his children, the list of authors represents some of the most delightful books for your readers. Depending on the age, you can read the stories aloud to them or let them read by themselves. Leaving them alone with books can be a good method of letting them find out what they like the most.

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