Girl vs Globe: Best 7 ideas for solo female travelers

Solo travel is awesome, and it is getting more trendier. As a female traveler, you need to enjoy the perks that come with traveling alone. You get to learn, experience, experiment, and nurture your self-confidence. As you travel, however, you should learn how to do it. You are going to be alone most of the time.

This article teaches you seven of the best ideas you need to implement during your solo travel as a girl. While you wander the globe, these tips will help you to stay safe in all situations. You also get the best experience and attain your goals along the journey with minimum stress.

Follow these tips to enhance your girl solo travel experience at all times.

1. Prepare Your Medical Cover

Nobody can predict when they are going to fall ill. It is necessary to make adequate preparations. Start by visiting your medical insurance company and inquire about their policy regarding your travel arrangements. Can they cover your medical bills when you are abroad?

In some cases, the company may require that you upgrade the insurance premiums so that they can take care of your health bills when you are not in the country. However, this may not always be true. When the policy cannot sustain your needs, you can go for another option.

Ask at the embassy of the country you are visiting if you need to pay something upfront for the sake of your health protection. You may as well want to join a travelers club for travelers’ medical insurance.

2. Make Your Travel Details Confidential

Crime is everywhere. You cannot trust anyone, whether it is your neighbor or your online followers. When you visit a city, limit the amount of info you share. The only people you may tell about your plans should be your immediate family and a few of your trusted friends.

In case you have to share something on your social media, you can write a general note, but do not mention your exact location. Turn off location history and tagging on your apps. You can share a picture and mention something like, “Out for dinner in Switzerland.”

3. Be Friendly

Be sure to stay friendly wherever you go. Greet people and make friends. When you are shopping for jewelry in the city or buying motorcycle accessories in the suburb, talk with people, smile, and show appreciation. You can make long-lasting friendships from your tour.

In case you are visiting a country where people speak a different language, Google Translate will be your best friend. Install the app on your mobile device and use it to communicate with the people you meet.

4. Be Confident

Your confidence will enable you to tour the area you want without the fear that comes with being the stranger in the foreign neighborhood. You will first need to gather information about the area you will be touring. Get the details you want about the security of the area, visitor requirements, and anything of concern.

Another way to build your confidence for solo travel is to start with local tours. Visiting some of the cities around your region is easy and affordable. You already know about the towns around you, and you can gain travel experience and confidence by visiting them before you proceed abroad.

5. Buy Yourself Something

As a visitor, you do not want people to label you. To get along with many people in the neighborhood you enter, you should appear as one of the locals. The easiest way to do this is to have something that the locals can easily recognize as being available locally.

The “something” can be a wrapping bag with local branding. To get one, walk to a store and buy anything – you do not necessarily need anything to buy it. A drug from the local chemist or any supplies from the local stores can do the trick. Once you get them, you will identify yourself with the locality where you are touring for the moment.

This trick is especially necessary for you when you are in a place where there are con men and other crimes against unsuspecting visitors. When walking around like one of the locals, they will not likely harass you for anything.

6. Put your Phone in the Purse

It is quite easy to get attached to your handset when you are traveling alone. You get to chat with your friends on social media, check out the map of the area, plan your day on the calendar, and many other tasks. The phone is a companion you cannot leave behind wherever you are. This happens mostly when you are alone or among strangers.

But when you are traveling alone, your phone can be a distraction instead of a tool. You want to catch the best moments, meet new people, and stay vigilant. Then, unless you necessarily need it, let the phone rest in the purse.

As you sit down to have your dinner, open your eyes, and stay vigilant. Watch out for suspicious activities or movements around. Grab any opportunities you can see and connect with people.

7. Carry a Ring

This one might be amusing, exciting, exhilarating, confusing, or even plain dull. As a solo traveler lady, you will encounter people of different interests, notions, and agenda. We cannot rule out, but gender harassment is still paramount in various parts of the world.

One way to keep unwanted people entangling themselves and causing you trouble is to have a ring on your finger. Whether you are married, engaged, single, or open-minded does not matter for the moment. When people see the ring on your finger, they will respect you as someone attached to someone else, and they will give you space and peace you need to complete your mission.

In summary

Many people opt for solo travel, and it comes along with benefits. To reap these benefits, however, you need to be more responsible. With these short and straight tips, you can achieve your global solo travel ambitions with little to no stress.

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