5 Best Men’s Bomber Jackets to Look Stylish and Masculine

Men’s bomber jackets have been a relic outwear that every man should have. However, a jacket can either be a deal maker or a deal-breaker. The reason being, this classic jacket comes in different styles and is also very versatile. Therefore, be careful when choosing one since not every jacket can guarantee you a Tom Cruise look.

If you are searching for a bomber jacket to keep you warm and compliment your casual outfit, knowing the right fit, time, and occasion to wear, it is paramount. That said, it is safe to say that men’s bomber jackets play a double role – keeping the wearer warm and fashionable too.

In this article, we will help you identify what to consider when purchasing a bomber jacket, different types of bomber jackets, and how to wear them. You will also learn how to clean and take care of your jacket to maintain its brand-new state. We have highlighted the top five top brands of men’s bomber jackets for you to select the one which suits you best.

Therefore, without further ado, let us dive in!

What Exactly Are Bomber Jackets And Their History?

A bomber jacket is a short, sturdy military jacket, originally worn by American bomber pilots to keep them warm when flying during the First World War. Before bomber jackets popped up on Instagram feeds, it was traditionally made of leather. It was loose, full-zipped, and tight at the wrist cuffs and elastic waist.

Initially, the bombers jackets that the US army used to wear were heavy and longer, unlike the modern bomber jackets, which are short and light. That said, though, they still manage to keep you warm. Nowadays, bomber jackets arepopular apparel among civilians. The style variation is to die for. Thus, the relic outwear has evolved from the cockpit to the closet and is now fashionable apparel among many.

A Brief History Of The Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket’s invention was around the 1900s, and its primary purpose was to keep the army pilots warm during high-altitude combat zones in World War II. Nowadays,though, the ones worn by civilians are short, lighter, and more fashionable than the ancient ones that were heavy and long.

It is not surprising that the bomber jacket is popular among civilians. It has been popularized by cultural icons such as Tom Cruise, who wore it when he stared in the Top Gun Movie. However, the bomber jacket was also associated with the 1980’s era of skinheads, and more recently, Kanye West and David Beckham have worn it too.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Bomber Jacket Or Flying Jacket

You do not walk in a store and buy an outfit and walk right out, no you try itfirst! The bomber jacket should not be an exception! Before purchasing a bomber jacket, there are factors you should consider.

Here are some tips to help you with the bomber pre-purchase decision-making.

  • The bomber jacket fitting

Whether you are wearing a bomber jacket to protect yourself from the cold or as a fashion statement, it does not matter because once you wear a bomber jacket, you look more handsome in an instant. Nevertheless, for all that to happen, you have to wear the right bomber fit. Therefore, it should not be too big or too tight.

So you may be wondering how you will know if the bomber jacket is the right fit? Well, it is simple. If the jacket is the right fit, the buttons or zippers should close with ease without any discomfort.

The fitting is also right when you can wear the jacket over a t-shirt and still not feel as if you are suffocating when you close it.

Another way to know if the jacket is the right size is with the help of your other outfits. Compare the bomber jacket to your regular t-shirt. The jacket should not be two sizes bigger than your t-shirt. Ideally, it should just be half or one size bigger than your t-shirt and fit the sleeves perfectly without looking baggy or having sagging sleeves.

  • The Bomber Jacket’s Design

When you are out shopping for a bomber jacket, be sure to keep in mind the design when choosing a jacket. The reason for this is that the jacket’s design has to rhyme with your wardrobe back home. You have to consider what you are layering the bomber jacket with- such as t-shirts.

If you own plain t-shirts or tops, you need to pick a jacket with different designs. This means that if you have plain t-shirts and tops in your wardrobe, you have to pick a more detailed design and vice versa.

  • Choosing A Bomber Jacket That Suits You Best

Apart from the design and fitting, other factors like jacket color play an essential role in making one look extra handsome in a bomber jacket. It is common to hear people obsessed with matching their outfits, hair color, and accessories to their skin complexion. Well, there is a reason. Fashion experts advise that for an outfit to look splendid on you, you have to match it to your skins’ hue.

If your skin color is darker, then your outfit colors should be on the warm scale. Meaning you should choose exotic colors such as orange, yellow, brown, or red outfits to match your skin tone. However, if your skin tone is a bit lighter, then you should go for grey, blue, and green outfits. However, you can rock a white or black bomber jacket regardless of your skin tone because these two colors blend well with any skin tone.

  • Bomber Jacket Material Type

Yes, we agree, selecting a bomber jacket is a personal choice. However, knowing which fashion statement you want to express will go a long way in making the purchasing decision easier. You can either choose to have a leather or suedebomber jacket.

Choosing a leather jacket might seem like an obvious quest if you are gear hungry, but in most cases, it is not the best choice. The reason isthat not everyone looks good in leather. Additionally, aim for a leather bomber jacket that looks good even after it ages.

  • Bomber Jacket Statement

You might be wondering what happens to the people who like to express a youthful fashion statement. Well, there are bomber jackets in the fashion arena that suits their style too.

That said, wearing a college-style bomber jacket is enough to pass a youthful fashion sense message without much of a hassle.  To pull off a youthful fashion abatement, you simply have to pair up a college-style bomber jacket with a pair of jeans and trainers, and you are good to go.

In simple terms, depending on your taste, you can choose the original bomber jacket or the modern one.Bomber outwears still offer an excellent fashion statement anytime.

Varieties Of Bomber Jacket Based On Design

At this point, we all know that there are different types of bomber jackets styles and modifications in the market nowadays. Therefore, we shall have a look at the different types of bomber jackets available based on the designs. Let us look at a few bomber jacket designs to help you choose the best design that suits you.

  • Buttoned Bomber Jacket

In the late 1920s, bomber jackets issued by the US army were made from sheep’s leather and an inner cotton layer. An additional key feature was the front buttons on the jacket. The buttons lined on the front part of the jacket blended well with a knitted color, waistband and cuffs made it look exceptionally unique.

Although there are recent bomber models made from horse’s hides and oat skin, the large pocket hips still managed to maintain the jacket’s common characteristic- the cool playboy look on whoever wears it.

  • Bomber Jackets With Zip-Up Cuffs

This bomber jacket is unique on its own because apart from having a zip-up liner on the front, it also has zips on the cuffs.  Men who are gear hungry specifically feel that this type of bomber jacket design complements their look further and makes them stand out from the rest.

Ultimately, regardless of your sense of style, there is that one bomber jacket that suits you best,and you just have to keep looking for it.

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