How to Slay Leather in the Summer Season?

As the weather heats in summer, wardrobes and lifestyle undergo a quick transition from heavy layers to lighter materials. Cotton, silk, and linen often take the largest shares of the summer wardrobe, but the quirkiness of leather and suede is often left out of the equation for a hot and humid day.

At Bourbon & Boots we know that from blazers to boots, jackets to wrist bands, briefcase, leather is a material that stays in rotation throughout the year. It is a material that evokes an understated sense of high-end fashion and reflects the sartorial sensibilities of the wearer.

Whether you got a little ambitious and gathered everything in leather during the last year, or if you have a couple of vintage light leather pieces scattered across the baskets in your closet, then this summer is the perfect opportunity to bring them out in the sun.

Here are some of the coolest and most practical tips to style leather in the warmer days to come!

Enjoy the Bike Ride

One of the most common uses of a genuine leather jacket is to become the biker’s first escape. Just like superheroes enjoy the recognition and comfort of capes, bike riders take immense pride in a good leather jacket.

We all know Harley Davidson, right?

The piece is considered a staple in all biker wardrobes and is often embellished with embroidered patches to personalize the gang along the way.

Boost Your Style Quotient on the Streets

If you intend to embrace street style, then a leather jacket with a light shade of pieces of denim is a perfect match, comments stunt blogger James Kingston. The street style gives you a lot of room to experiment with classic items you’d otherwise not consider, such as leather shorts and boots. The day you want to rock an emo-punk look, all you need that day is your confidence, and you are all good to go, he adds.

Opt for a Business-casual Blazer

The blazer’s silhouette and form play a critical role in defining the contours and adding value to the outfit. A leather blazer can be used in multiple ways during the summer season. From becoming a business-casual essential to being a staple for the year, this is the ideal addition to every man’s wardrobe.

Since it is being used for the business-casual look; you must make sure that your leather jacket is evergreen and not embellished like a disco ball.

Go Tropical

Do you want to don the tropical look to bash the summer heat?

Are you looking for an excuse to wear a bright-hued Hawaiian print that is the embodiment of the tropical spirit?

Then there’s nothing stopping you right now! You can take your favorite tropical shirt and pair it with a leather jacket and some white pants to complete the look. It is quirky, fun, and summer-friendly enough to be worn every once in a long while.

Break the Monotone

If you are a fan of the white-on-white monotone, then a black leather jacket could be your savior. From checkered pants to polo shirts, you can break the monotony of any color with a solid leather jacket.

The lighter hues that are frequented in summer create an ideal setup for wearing it.

Play up Black

Black is the color of all seasons. It is bold, masculine, and the sheer embodiment of the alpha vibe. If you like leather and are a big fan of all things black, then this trend is just for you! A pair of black jeans and a button-down shirt can look outstanding with a black jacket.

Or if you have a tan or camel shade in leather, then you can easily match it with your all-black outfit to boost the satisfaction of the fashionista in your head.

Leather-ize Accessories

Leather accessories are the best addition for summer. From bracelets to wristbands, boots, to belts, there are countless leather pieces that can be worn during the summer.

You can play with your leather hat and match it with a combination of a half-sleeved shirt and shorts to have a breathable yet breezy outfit for a Sunday afternoon.

Now that we have discussed a couple of ways how you can style leather for summer, let’s answer a few basic questions about the trend too!

Summer-leather FAQS

Why should I wear leather in summer?

Leather is one of the few materials that you can layer and lift according to the temperature in your environment. You can genuinely enjoy summer fashion with leather because of its versatility and evergreen nature!

How to combat the heat in leather?

Wearing leather does not mean that you have to broil in the heat. You can opt for leather accessories that are light and breathy, like hats, bracelets, boots, and even shorts to drop a few degrees.

Can a leather jacket help lower the body temperature?

Yes. When you opt for a lightweight summer leather jacket, then you can easily lower your body temperature. Since this special kind of jacket is specifically lined with breathable materials like cotton and canvas, it is evident that you can easily maintain a chill vibe with the help of it.

Is a summer leather jacket an excellent investment?

Indeed it is an excellent investment. If you live in a tropical location or one where the muggy heat follows you like a shadow, then a summer leather jacket is an absolute necessity for you. You can make this investment and enjoy a fashionable summer zooming past on your bike without the hassle of sweat stains destroying the lining of the jacket.

Is it difficult to clean leather in the summer?

According to upholstery & drapery professional Dmitri Kara, upkeep and maintenance of leather are yearly routines, not something you do in specific seasons. You should, however, keep leather away from direct sunlight, or better worse, damp.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the merits of styling leather in the summer, we hope that you must have found a few outfit inspirations for the season. Despite all the fashionable advice, there is one thing we cannot ignore during this time and that is the regular use of face masks.

Make sure that you wear a face mask everywhere you go. Since they are such a necessity during the year, you never know you might find leather face masks trending on retail fashion!

Until then, we hope you have a fashionably fabulous summer!

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