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How to Be A Southern Gentleman
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How to Be A Southern Gentleman

How to Be A Southern Gentleman
Jul 28/16

How to Be A Southern Gentleman Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 8 Comments


Listen up, boys. In today’s society, many niceties have been stripped away. But down here in the South, we Southern women still have high expectations. So, if you want to be the perfect Southern Gentleman and impress us, here are some pointers to not only be a Southern Gentleman below the Mason-Dixon, but also if you happen to find yourself above it.


How to Be A Southern Gentleman

• Always open the door for a lady of any age.

• Insert “Yes, M’am” or “Yes, Sir” in the place of “Yes, yeah, okay, uh-huh, sure,” etc.

• Take off your hat when coming indoors. This includes ballcaps.

• When getting in a car, open the door for the lady first.

• When in church, at a meal, or in a group, continue standing until the women with you have sat first.

• Wait to eat until all of the plates have been set on the table, and the ladies have taken the first bite.

• Don’t ask a lady her age. Ever.

• Say grace before every meal. No exceptions. 

Got any more pointers for how to be a Southern Gentleman? Let us know. 


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TSgt Ciz on November 28 2016 at 11:32AM

Being a Southern Gentleman is about more than how you treat women. It is about how you treat everyone. There is simple rule embedded right there in the name “gentleman”. One needs to at all times, be gentle and a man.

That means you do what one can to make others feel comfortable.

Thomas on August 04 2016 at 03:21AM

How To Be a Northern Gentleman

Always assume that a woman can take care of herself. But don’t expect her to.

Engage that lady on her intellect. Not her boobs. Her boobs will head south over time but her intelligence will just keep going on.

Understand her kindness and basic human decency. They will make you a better man.

When she jumps in with a chit chat among random people, recognize it for the opportunity that it is. One of those people may have a single, diesel gay brother.

Abbe on August 03 2016 at 08:42PM

We were taught the women didn’t eat until the man took the first bite.

Bill on August 03 2016 at 03:35AM

Stand when a lady enters a room or when she stands up. When out to eat, carry her drink from the bar to the table. Find out her order and order for her. Learn the proper ways to make introductions.

Raymond on August 02 2016 at 07:20PM

Travel upstairs behind a lady and downstairs before a lady so that you may catch her if she falls

Cliff McLarty on August 01 2016 at 03:25PM

I was always told to open a door and let the lady go in first IF you can see what’s on the other side of the door. If you can’t, you open the door, enter and stop at the door to allow the lady to enter. This way if there is danger on the other side of the door you are there first and can protect the woman.

Joan Irey on August 01 2016 at 11:38AM

Don’t ever say “No problem”. Say “You’re welcome” or “My pleasure”.

Bobby on August 01 2016 at 12:44AM

Raised in the South and taught (by my mother) when walking on a sidewalk within a female (any female, not just your wife, girlfriend or daughter) a true gentleman always walks on the side closest to the traffic. I always live by this rule which drove my wife crazy but now she is use to it.


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