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Intro: The Modern Bourbon Bottle Lamp

There are plenty of gifts that you might want to get a whiskey lover in your family. Or maybe you’re shopping for something unique for yourself! Whatever the case may be, manufacturers are getting very creative by using all kinds of whiskey related materials to create products. 

You’ve probably come across all kinds of items made from bourbon and whiskey barrels. This is an obvious choice, as the wood is of high-quality Oak, and it looks incredible. We’ve encountered bourbon barrel sunglasses, wristwatches, cufflinks, furniture, and much more. But it’s easy to forget that barrels aren’t the only whiskey-related material you can make products from. 

Some very innovative brands are starting to use another material to make products with – and it’s something we never would have expected. These crafty souls are taking whiskey bottles and making products with them. Although you can make a few different items with whiskey bottles, today we’re going to focus on whiskey bottle lamps!

That’s right, there are a few brands out there who have started to use whiskey bottles as the main body for their lamps. Some of these bourbon barrel lamps are simple enough, while others are quite elaborate. If you’re the type of person who appreciates the aesthetic of a whiskey bottle, you’ll love these lamps. 

True whiskey enthusiasts will know that the bottle is an important part of the whiskey-making process. Sure, a bottle might not influence the flavor in the same way as a barrel – but the bottling process certainly does have an effect on the final product. The bottling process involves a number of techniques, most notably the mixture of whiskey from the barrel with water. 

Straight out of the barrel, whiskey is usually around 60% alcohol. Since most distilleries aim for alcohol content of around 40%, they need to dilute the whiskey with water. Sometimes, chill filtering is used to reduce some of the negative effects associated with dilution. Of course, you can also choose to purchase your whiskey at cask strength and cut it with a dash of water yourself. This can help to unleash the flavors in a more “hands-on” way. 

Many of the top whiskey distilleries have a manufacturing process that can process over 600 bottles a minute! Others take a slower, less automated approach. You may have a special connection with a certain brand of whiskey and its unique label. It’s true that a brand’s label can have a huge impact on how the consumer views that particular whiskey. From Jack Daniels to Makers Mark and Boone Country, each label strives to show how a brand is different from the crowd. 

If you love the sight of your favorite bottle of whiskey, you might be interested in the prospect of a lamp made from the bottle you appreciate so much. There are many options available, and we’ve found some of the most compelling bourbon bottle lamps from all around the net. Here are some of the best options we’ve found…

1. My Rehab Store Maker’s Mark Bottle Lamp 

We love this bottle lamp for one simple reason – it’s totally unique. As you’ll see, many of the other bottle lamps on our list use the bottle as simply a means to hold up a lightbulb and a lampshade. While that can be attractive, we much prefer the approach this bottle lamp has taken. 

The bottle itself is actually filled with stunning Christmas lights, which means there’s no need for a lampshade. It’s beautifully finished with a waxed seal on the top of the bottle and cork base. 

2. Crafty Bar Finds Boone Country 1833 Bottle Lamp

This lamp doesn’t come with a lampshade or a light bulb, but it is very attractive and checks off all the boxes. The glass is filled with what looks like coffee beans for a unique touch. Those who love Boone Country whiskey will appreciate having this lamp in their home, and the label is unique and interesting. 

3. Matty Drinks Buffalo Trace Bourbon Bottle Lamp

Fans of Buffalo Trace whiskey will love this bottle lamp, and this particular option can be purchased with or without the lampshade. The bottle is filled with polished river rocks for an extra touch of class, and the Buffalo Trace label is iconic and recognizable. We love the added option of the lampshade and the beautiful label of this particular whiskey brand. 

4. Bottle Craft By Tom – Various Bottle Lamps

If you’re shopping for multiple bottle lamps or you’re just looking for a wide selection, check out Bottle Craft by Tom. Tom’s website is filled with all kinds of options, and he’s more than likely to carry a bottle lamp of your favorite brand. His bottle lamps tend to be filled with river rocks, although he also sells bottle lamps that have internal LED strands instead of the typical lampshade system we’ve previously mentioned. 

5. Simply Treasures And More Jim Beam Bottle Lamp

This is the only bourbon bottle lamp we managed to find on Amazon, and it looks pretty high-quality. One thing we really liked was the addition of a pine base that has rubber pads to protect your furniture. And if you like Jim Beam, you’ll appreciate this particular bottle lamp. 

6. Newrays Antique Barrel Lamp

Let’s finish off our list with something a little different. Okay, so this type of lamp isn’t made from a bottle. It’s actually a fully enclosed wooden barrel that has been turned into a stunning hanging lamp]. This might be a better choice if you appreciate the rustic look of a bourbon barrel, and you’re looking for a lamp that you can hang from your ceiling rather than a standing lamp. 

You could even go crazy and make your own rustic bar and place the lamp above it if you have the space. The two will truly compliment each other and make pouring drinks a fun experience.

A Word On Upcycling

All of the bourbon bottle lamps we’ve mentioned are ideal if you’re concerned about the environment and want to get into upcycling. Since the bottles used to make these lamps are recycled, you’re purchasing an item that has a very low environmental footprint. Not only do these lamps look beautiful, but they’re also amazing for the environment, and they reduce the need to produce more class and plastic unnecessarily. 

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