Camping in Hungary? Budapest Under the Stars

Hungary is famous for a number of things, including its beautiful countryside that allows for outdoor fun and adventure. This is why one of the most popular activities in the country is camping; both locals and tourists visit Hungary for a fun outdoor experience, especially during the summer.

Budapest, Hungary’s capital city, has a rich collection of camping spots and outdoor accommodation for travellers who do not want to venture too far from the centre. There are also plenty of campsites outside of Budapest if you’re feeling adventurous and would like to see more of what Hungary has to offer. Choose your top camping sites in and around Budapest.

What to Pack for Your Trip

Pack for Your Trip
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Nothing beats the feeling of sleeping under the stars and “roughing it up” and this is exactly the type of adventure that a camping trip can provide. However, if you want your trip to be as seamless and convenient as possible, you need to pack the necessities, including:

  • Tent (if you’re setting up your own campsite)
  • Sleeping bags
  • Camping pillow
  • Flashlight or headlight (plus extra batteries)
  • Foldable camp table and chairs
  • Lamp or lantern
  • First aid kit
  • Toiletries
  • Moisture-wicking clothes
  • Fleece or jacket
  • Socks
  • Boots
  • Eating utensils


  • We intentionally left out cooking materials since most campsites on this list have designated kitchens and cooking areas. You can bring your own if you wish.
  • You can ditch the tents and sleeping bags if you’re going to stay at a campsite.
  • If you have big luggage or other items you don’t need for your camping trip, temporarily store your belongings at a Budapest luggage storage facility while you are away.

Top Outdoor Sites Within Budapest

With its lush greenery, it’s no surprise that Budapest has several campsites. The most popular outdoor sites found within the city are:

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  • Arena Camping Budapest

One of Budapest’s most renowned camping sites is Arena Camping, found right in the heart of the Buda district. The year-round campsite is easily accessible via public transportation and is close to some of the city’s top attractions, such as the Buda Castle. They also have on-site accommodation for guests who want to enjoy nature without sleeping outdoors.

  • Zugligeti Niche Camping:

Found within the famous Buda Hills, is the Zugligeti Niche Camping site. The reception and on-site restaurant are housed in the former terminus of tram line 58. The campground can be accessed easily from the highway and guests with their own caravan or RVs are provided with electricity hookups. For more information, visit their official website.

  • Haller Camping:

Haller Camping is one of the first campsites within the city and an excellent base if you’re planning to explore Budapest. Being only 10 minutes away from the metro station, it is easy enough to arrive at the site. Some of the facilities available to guests are an on-site restaurant, campground and caravan parking with power outlets, laundry services, and a nearby hospital in case of a medical emergency. You can book a reservation with Haller here.

  • Ave Natura Camping Budapest

Nestled within the forest of Buda Hills, Ave Natura Camping is another excellent site for those who want to have a relaxing time outdoors without being too far from the city life. The campgrounds have different pitches and cycling trails in case you want to see the hills and nature. The staff can even help you book a sightseeing tour of Budapest in case you want to see some prominent city attractions.

  • Bikercamp Camping

Bikercamp Camping is a centrally-located bike camp that has been operating since 1991. The site, run and managed by a biker, is an ideal choice for cyclists but can still accommodate non-bikers, backpackers, and other guests. The camping grounds, located in a garden of a family house, has a number of fun features such as a billiard table, ping-pong table, darts, board games, and more. Bikercamp is just a 4-minute walk away from the subway, making it easily accessible to the rest of Budapest.

Top Outdoor Sites Outside Budapest

If you’re looking for a change of scenery and wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, check out the following campsites a few hours from Budapest:

  • Dobogókő Yurtotel

Located just north of Budapest is this “yurtotel”, has six furnished yurts that can accommodate up to eight people. Dobogókő’s yurts provide luxury amenities, such as electricity, heating, and insulated flooring. With the unique setup, guests can still be one with the outdoors and have the full camping experience without sacrificing comfort.

  • Mokus Valley

Mokus Valley is an eccentric and unique glamping site found in the city of Pecs in southern Hungary. The site offers three accommodations: the Green Gypsy, which is a refurbished circus wagon turned cabin; the Rosehouse, a cosy cottage with a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen; and the Csepellina, an old logging truck that’s been converted into a spacious and luxurious guesthouse.

  • Nomád Hotel and Glamping

Nestled right beside the well-known Bükk National Park, one of Hungary’s most famous hiking spots, the Nomád Hotel and Glamping is the perfect accommodation for park visitors or those who simply want to get away from the city. Apart from its hotel rooms, Nomád also has a glampsite for those who want a luxurious camping experience. Visit their website to find out more information and to book your stay.

  • Homoki Lodge

Located in Ruzsa in southern Hungary is Homoki Lodge, which is the country’s ultimate glamping destination. The lodge offers traditional Hungarian-style yurts that are outfitted with some contemporary features, including floor heating, rain shower, televisions, a Jacuzzi, and a retractable roof so that you can literally “sleep under stars”. Homoki Lodge also has a boutique hotel where you can book actual rooms.

  • Tulipán Camping

Tulipán Camping is found in the Hungarian city of Eger, a prominent wine region, making it a great accommodation choice for those who are visiting the area. The campsite is in the heart of The Valley of Beautiful Women, which is frequented by visitors from all over the country for vineyard tours and wine tastings. The campgrounds have dedicated areas for guests with their own caravans and tents. Other options include renting a caravan from Tulipán or booking a cottage. For more details, check out their official website here.

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